Top Ten Google Easter Eggs


The Top Ten

1 YouTube Snake Game
2 Google Gravity

Search this and tap I'm Feeling Lucky - kontrahinsunu

3 Kerning

Search this and when you saw the results, the results with the word kerning has an odd spacing. - kontrahinsunu

Do the kerning dance!
Jump 7 times and jump 7 times backwards and then squak kerning! - kontrahinsunu

4 Anagram

Search the word anagram. - kontrahinsunu

Nag a Ram, lol. - micahisthebest

5 Google Maps Pegman Transformations

One of the transformation is when you searched Buckingham Palace, the pegman will represent the queen. - kontrahinsunu

6 Zerg Rush

Search this without the exclamation point. - kontrahinsunu

This is really fun! - micahisthebest

7 Recursion

Wrong spelling? - kontrahinsunu

8 Do a Barrel Roll

Search "do a barrel roll". - kontrahinsunu

9 The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything

Okay, don' think the answer is by voting a better president than Trump. - kontrahinsunu

10 Tilt

The Contenders

11 The Loneliest Number

0.., Oops, am I wrong? Yes, I am. - kontrahinsunu

12 Atari Breakout

This is awesome, but to do it you need to go into images - micahisthebest

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