Top 10 Goosebumps Monsters

Best monster's in Goosebumps books and T.V. episodes.

The Top Ten

1 Slappy the Dummy

He's TERRIFING. I hate the concept that dolls will come to life as it scares me...

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2 Monster Blood
3 Curly the Skeleton

Not in book's but on covers - Dragonfly44

4 The Haunted Mask

Been in books in almost every series. - Dragonfly44

5 Horrors

Take this little horror with you- Jonathan Chiller

Been in books that focus on Horrorland since the original series - Dragonfly44

6 Lawn Gnomes
7 Scarecrow

Episode and book where absolutely amazing - Dragonfly44

8 The Werewolf

In the fourteenth book every blames things on Grady's dog that looks like a wolf. But it is actually his new friend

(It has been in other books) - Dragonfly44

9 The Ghost

There has been many stories that have ghost's in them But it is awesome overall - Dragonfly44

10 The Monster

The Contenders

11 Zombies


12 The Blob That Ate Everyone
13 Bim

So weird

A Weirdo from Weirdo Planet. I loved Weirdo Halloween. First ever Goosebumps book, I bought. But first I read was Be afraid-very afraid. AnSh ThAkUr

14 Lucy Dark


Wait, Dark?

15 Firing the Vampire Dog
16 Bug-Eyed Aliens


17 The Haunted Car

Slappy is actually my favorite, but him riding in this car is awesome!

18 Hannah Fairchild Hannah Fairchild
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