Top 10 Goosebumps Series 2000 Books


The Top Ten

1 Headless Halloween
2 Creature Teacher

Read it it was great - Sausagelover99

Really good book

That, s why I hate scool

3 The Horror of the Black Ring

A ring that can make you do evil things now that's just scary

4 Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls

Very scary and good

5 Be Afraid -- Be Very Afraid!

This one is the scariest because it say so in the title

6 Brain Juice

This one is disgusting and scary

7 The Hunted Car

I thought this was a normal goosebumps

8 I Am Your Evil Twin

It's a good thing I don't have a twin

9 Jekyll and Heidi

It's the best book with best story.

10 Revenge R Us

Fantastic book

The Contenders

11 Bride of the Living Dummy

I love all the books with Slappy in it so this would be my top

12 Slappy's Nightmare

Just look at that cover ew

13 Ghost In the Mirror
14 Scream School
15 Full Moon Fever

This was really scary

16 Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Part One
17 Return to Horrorland
18 Are You Terrified Yet?

The spiders are scary alone

19 The Werewolf in the Living Room

I liked the story, it was well written and it was one of the best series 2000 books in my opinion

I really liked this book, it is truly one of the best series 2000.

20 Earth Geeks Must Go!

Very interesting.

21 Invasion of the Body Squeezers: Part Two

This was a thriller! - GAMEKNIGHT999

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