Best Gordon Lightfoot Songs

The top ten songs from one of the biggest Canadian names in popular music.

The Top Ten Best Gordon Lightfoot Songs

1 If You Could Read My Mind

I've always liked this song, but it's the title and first line that speaks volumes... - Britgirl

So many great allusions, heartfelt lyrics. A bulls-eye hit on reality of heartbreak, a deep romantic love that just can't workout to a happy ending.
"... You won't read that book again because the ending's just too hard to take." - Billyv

Happy 80th birthday (17 November 2018) Gordon Lightfoot! - Britgirl

I enjoy Gordon Lightfoot music, especially this song his voice is easy on the ears...2 thumps up.

2 The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

The story of a haunting event with an electric yet ethereal sound. This song stands above the typical beautiful Gordon Lightfoot songs.

I love songs that tell stories. This is one of the best. - beatles

My wife and I love to vacation on Lake Superior, so this song always haunts me. I remember the night it happened: November 10, 1975.

Fantastic story

3 I'm Not Supposed to Care

"... You've got places to go and people to see, still I'm gonna miss you..."

The first time I heard the first two lines, I cried my eyes out. A beautiful song of friendship and is so personal to me.

Beautiful list, Beatles... - Britgirl

Great comment Britgirl, and thanks for starting this list Beatles - Billyv

There is nothing and I mean nothing that this man doesn't embody... Love... Empathy and compassion... Enough said

"I think you have somebody waiting outside in the rain to take you away..." - beatles

Great choice and glad you quoted the opening lines. Thanks for the list - Billyv

4 Sundown

Such an all around talented and awesome guy. This is probably my favorite song of his. - Beatlesboy9

I used to huff so much gasoline to this song but I never found out what the words in the sand meant

Best song

5 Song for a Winter's Night

Paints a beautiful picture. - beatles

6 Did She Mention My Name?

Tells the story of a young man far away from his hometown. It manages to be joyful and reminiscent at the same time. - beatles

7 Don Quixote

Very well done with sardonic lyrics

8 The Watchman's Gone
9 Carefree Highway

One of my favourite songs

Wow, this is number 1

10 Bitter Green

The Newcomers

? The Circle is Small
? The Soul is the Rock

The Contenders

11 Early Mornin' Rain

When you can write a song that is covered by so many artists, including Elvis Presley, you know you've got a gem. - beatles

12 Home From the Forest

Another story song, and one that makes you stop and think. - beatles

13 Beautiful

One of the best love songs ever written, in my opinion. I saw him in Minneapolis a few years back and it was one of the quietest concerts I had ever been to. You could talk to the person next to you, no problem! Even while the music was going on! Great voice, great songwriter, I think Lightfoot might be the most underrated songwriter of all time.

Gordon is amazing. We saw him 2 years ago in Detroit. So many great tunes and a brilliant lyracist

14 Seven Island Suite
15 Canadian Railroad Trilogy

Just one problem, Mr. Lightfoot! Americans call them railroads. Canadians call them railways! - beatles

16 Summertime Dream

Happy and quick

Il give it a 10 out 10

17 Now and Then
18 Rainy Day People

Love the description of Rainy day people, and I think I know several.

19 The House You Live In

Being The b side to The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald, this of course is one of his more underrated songs. Personally one of my favorites. - Beatlesboy9

Like the Golden Rule or Boy Scout Laws this is a great example of how to live your life

Great lyrics

20 A Tree Too Weak to Stand

Lyrical beat great match to theme

21 Race Among the Ruins

Very cheerful sounding song with a dark message. Love the contrast, should be higher...

22 Daylight Katy

Ethereal and dreamy

23 The Last Time I Saw Her
24 Affair On 8th Avenue
25 Too Late for Prayin'
26 Talking in Your Sleep

That hurts...

27 Slide on Over
28 Second Cup of Coffee

I love this song. A song of regret and guilt.

29 Cotton Jenny
30 If Children Had Wings

One of Gordon's most heart wrenching songs - just gorgeous!

31 Baby Step Back
32 Black Day in July
33 Salute
34 Romance
35 Never Too Close
36 Spanish Moss
37 Too Many Clues In This Room
38 Looking at the Rain
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