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1 Dead Alive Dead Alive Product Image

Not only is Cannibal Holocaust NOT the goriest movie of all time, it's not even the goriest cannibal film! Plenty of films in the 70's and 80's had animal cruelty because it was cheaper than paying for an effect. This was especially prevalent in the Italian films. Braindead is far and above the goriest film of all time. Nothing beats the lawnmower scene!

Cannibal holocaust may have real animal killing but this list is about GORE not cruelty and contreversy.
Dead Alive is basicly the goriest movie ever. Zombie baby in a blender, Lawn Mower Finale, if you seen this movie then you know what I'm talking about.

If we are talking gore than this movie takes the cake! It is so ultra violent and hilarious all at one time. It makes you gag while laughing!

I don't think I have the "guts" to see this twice. So many folks were killed in such gruesome ways.

2 Cannibal Holocaust Cannibal Holocaust Product Image

Brutal film. Literally tore real live animals to pieces. The overall movie sucks, but the good 30 minutes of horrible violence is worth it, and something I've yet to see duplicated.

The reason this should be higher than Dead Alive is because there are actual animal deaths in this. But if those were props then Dead Alive would be higher

I'm glad this movie is #1. It was so gory that critics thought it was a snuff film. If it's assumed to be a snuff film, that's saying a lot

This should be in the top ten. Come on the real killing and ripping apart of animals? Even the fake killing was very realistic and gorey for its time.

3 Saw lll Saw lll Product Image

The goriest out of all of the saw movies... I heard that 3 people went to the hospital after seeing it

This is probably were the series delved more into gore.

The brain surgery scene nearly made me throw up.

I barfed after the angel trap scene

4 The Human Centipede II, Full Sequence The Human Centipede II, Full Sequence Product Image

Should be higher on the list. I invite friends over and sit them down and play this movie to watch reactions. Only movie that ever made me actually vomit. Makes the first one look like sesame street

Seriously revolting film, I was gagging loads during it. It fully embraces the level that you can go to with the human centipede films.

The entire sick franchise. Had to look up gory to see if the meaning tallies. It does: savage, unpleasant. I would like to add b- disgusting and sick to the core.

This movie seriously had me gagging several times.. not only during my initial viewing of this masterpiece, but the 2nd time as well.. Tom Sixx

5 The Evil Dead The Evil Dead Product Image

I watched this movie during the day time, but I was scared stiff. Scariest movie ever, period.

I am 9 and my brothers are seven and we have watched all the movies

The only movie that actually make me feel sick

6 Ichi the Killer Ichi the Killer Product Image

When it was shown I a film festival in 2001 2 people vomited and 4 people fainted

A very gory and messed up movie, but still a very good movie.

7 Hostel Hostel Product Image

Why did they make this? To recreate Clockwork Orange in real life? This is creepy. Movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Psycho, Halloween and Child's Play are all fun to watch and great, but this is taking it too far! I have friends in the army who cringe when seeing this. And they were doctors!

Who could forget the part with a blowtorch to a girl's face? The eye slicing made me dry heave!

This movie is just packed with sex, nudity, blood, and torture.

This movie is crazy gory. Taking things a bit too far.

8 Martyrs Martyrs Product Image

The final torture sequence makes this brutally gory all by itself, even with most of the sequence off screen.

9 Evil Dead 2 Evil Dead 2 Product Image

That scene where ash shoots the wall

The hand in the wall scene come on

10 Cabin Fever Cabin Fever Product Image

This movie is real bloody I watch it and I almost throw up

This movie has a lot of violence issues.

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11 High Tension High Tension Product Image

This was one of the MOST disturbing movies, I've ever seen, But I would add The Feast series to this list..

12 Dawn of the Dead Dawn of the Dead Product Image

By far the greatest zombie film ever made, I can watch it over and over again, A George A Romero.

13 Saw II Saw II Product Image
14 Dawn of the Dead (2004) Dawn of the Dead (2004) Product Image
15 August Underground's Mordum August Underground's Mordum Product Image

Man this is one very sick movie, and is not only the goriest, but the most obscene.. Too much like a real snuff film. Gore is awesome when done right but this goes way too far and is too realistic

Nc17 banned everywhere I love gore I L. Love saw and cannibal holocaust but this come on

Not a good movie, but really sick indeed

Should be higher than 17...gore from the very start of the movie...

16 30 Days of Night 30 Days of Night Product Image
17 A Serbian Film A Serbian Film Product Image

Should be at the top

It’s illegal in countries for a reason

How is this #17? They rape a baby in it.

18 Saw VI Saw VI Product Image

The opening seen is sadistic and downright brutal, with people having to rip themselves apart to survive, one of the goriest of the series.

A man is melted from the inside out and intestines and organs are fully visable

19 Final Destination 2 Final Destination 2 Product Image

Very creative, susrprise and fun, it's not a movie with a killer with a knife in the darkness of the night, is the same death... Haunting his victims

20 Black Christmas Black Christmas Product Image

This movie is so good I loved it it is way better than the original one.

21 Dredd Dredd Product Image
22 Saving Private Ryan Saving Private Ryan Product Image

You can make any horror movie as gory as you want... But it's all made up. This stuff actually happened. No sicko made it up.

Even though this is not a horror film it still fells like you're getting shot

Wow, I was shaking when there was a commercial

Saving Private Ryan should be one, because, it's not just blood and guts life hostel or saw, it takes a lot of skill

23 Saw lV Saw lV Product Image

This almost made it to #1 because of the hair trap and bedroom one, but clearly it got worse after this one.

24 Final Destination 3 Final Destination 3 Product Image

Most goriest and delicious hot girls flaming m

25 Saw V Saw V Product Image

That garage trap scene...

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