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41 Suicide Club

the japanese think of everything dont they

42 300
43 House of Wax
44 The Descent
45 Halloween
46 American Psycho
47 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

This is the Greatest Remake Ever Made... - ninjacobra

It's a very gory movie

48 The Nightmare On Elm Street
49 Planet Terror

Not scary, but zombies getting their heads cut off by a helicopter is enough for me. I love this movie!

50 100 Tears
51 Guinea Pig 2

How about the Guinea Pig Series (7 eposides)

Are you serious? Guys? NOOBS watch this movie. Its Japanese CHING CHONG CHANG WANG - attarj

52 Drive Thru
53 Where the Dead Go to Die

Words literally cannot describe how insulting it is that just such an abomination could even exist this world. It is literally nothing but bad animation, bad acting, pathetic excuses for gore, unnecessary porn, child abuse, violent raping and murder, and a satanic insult to religion, all in the span of an hour and thirty minutes with no plot, message, moral, or even any humor WHATSOEVER! And do you know what the worst part is? The creator thought he was making a comedy while making this. Well humanity, you did it. You finally did it. You finally shown to us that improvement of us as a species is non-existent and will never happen.

54 31

Some of these scenes. - hy89045

55 Aliens
56 Copycat
57 The Shining
58 The Exorcist
59 The Thing
60 Crocodile
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