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61 The Last of Us

This is hands down the goriest game I've played. Shotguns can blow limbs off your enemies, and ever blow open their stomachs. The way the hunting rifle blows heads off looks and sounds so real that it's insane. Even the explosives in this game will blow enemies apart, or they will blow off a limb or two. Don't play this game if you have a weak stomach.

Was an incredible game but multiple times I wanted to throw up while playing it.

Story best, but oh so brutal

62 Bayonetta

You shoot your opponents and they bleed.

63 Hatred

It's not necessarily very gory, but it is by far the most violent games ever made, it's practically a more modern version of manhunt, and it's almost as banned

64 Kirby's Epic Yarn

ER MY GOD Kirby lobs small beads, stars, and cartoon missiles at hostile monsters. Invaders lose feathers and string when hit; Kirby reacts to damage by saying "Ow! ". 18+. - Extractinator04

65 Age of Chivalry

The gibs are absolutely disgusting.

66 No More Heroes
67 Super Mario 64

Who the hell putted Super Mario 64 in "Top Ten Goriest Video Games" did they confuse of another list? Conker's Bad Fur Day is for Nintendo 64 and its gory.

It's funny because it's not gory

Had a good laugh out of this.

I can't even joke on this, it is not gory at all. - Extractinator04

68 Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
69 Syndicate
70 Cat Mario

HOLY S'MORES Cat Mario hops on saboteurs' faces and uses various throwing sticks, Fire Flowers, and invincibility stars) to kill them. Enemies break apart when jumped on, get momentarily stunned, and vanish amid puffs of smoke and scattered gold coins. That is more graphic and violent than Dora the Explorer. - Extractinator04

Laugh out loud! What is a cat Mario

71 Wither From Minecraft

Skull Cerberus with exposed ribs. Graphic but not gory. - Extractinator04

How is the wither gory?

72 Halo: Combat Evolved
73 Kuon

Never heard of the game. Just by looking at it, it's going to be a very gory game

74 Left 4 Dead 2
75 Dishonored
76 Quake
77 Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

Man! You need to look at this game that I can't describe in words for goriness. And I'm talking about Singleplayer here!

78 Bioshock Infinite
79 Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
80 Bulletstorm

Yep it should be up there

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