Best Gorillaz Albums


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1 Demon Days

This album is a masterpiece. - s0ramble

2 Plastic Beach

This should be second at least - indie_Peep

1. Plastic Beach
2: Demon Days
3. Gorillaz
4: The Fall

5. The Fall
4. Humanz
3. Demon Days
2. Gorilaz
1. Plastic Beach

3 Gorillaz
4 Humanz

How do people not like this? I think people don't realize that every gorillaz album is a diff genre. But this gave me many emotions. Summer 2017 would be horrible without this album

Humanz is a underrated album

Not my favourite but seems to be a favourite for a lot of people that are otherwise not into Gorillaz, eventhough all their albums are so different from each other.

Amazing. - Dom32x

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5 The Fall
6 D-Sides
7 G Sides

I admit: I was not so much for the remixes on this album at first but they grew on me and to be honest they somehow fits on the album. Just like the other albums with Gorillaz has it a nice set up, variation in sound (minus their album The Fall) and such and I can't really choose wether I think it ends well or not, but deffinitely worth checking out for its variation. Examples being: Faust, Hip Albatross, (not to be confused with Albatross by Fleetwood Mac) Latin Simone (has the English version), Left Hand Suzuki Method, The Sounder and 12D3. I find D sides to be somewhat better, but this one has a special feel to it that is somewhat better and hard to explain.

This one should be higher

My all time favorite

8 Tomorrow Comes Today
9 The Now Now
10 The Singles Collection

The Contenders

11 Spacemonkeyz Vs. Gorillaz: Laika Come Home

Why is this on here twice?

12 Feel Good Inc Ep
13 Laika Come Home
14 Phase One: Celebrity Take Down
15 Demon Days Live
16 Phase Two: Slowboat to Hades

Seeing that this is just Demon Days and D-Sides combined, shouldn't this be number one? - Toot

Seeing that this is just Demon Days and D-Sides combined, shouldn't this be number one? - Toot

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