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1 Jackson

Very very very loving towards his friends and family, and all people around him

He is so great hearted and funny and supportive

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2 Bambam

He has so much self confidence and that's great

Aww my oppa bambam my favorite out of the group and my favorite oppa my bambam.

So cute

He has a great and wonderful talent...he's such a cute guy. And his fashion sense is you,oppa

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3 Mark

Mark is sooo handsome and cute to me! I can't stop loving him And he also good at Cube Game

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4 JR

Just literally, like a panda...

5 JB

Everything about him is perfect he's flawless

6 Youngjae

Main vocal hwighting! He may not be the most loved member in the group but he's adorable as you watch him .

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7 Yugyeom

He's a great dancer and he's so innocent and kind

8 Jackson Wang
9 Park Jin-young
10 Mark Tuan
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1. Jackson
2. JR
3. Mark
1. Jackson
2. Bambam
3. Mark



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