Top Ten Best Got7 Members


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1 Jackson

Very very very loving towards his friends and family, and all people around him

He is so great hearted and funny and supportive

Wild and sexy Jackson...


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2 Mark

Mark is sooo handsome and cute to me! I can't stop loving him And he also good at Cube Game

Love that guy! ❤ - MLPFan

Cutie pie <3 a guy that doesn't talk much is seriously attractive >.<

I love Mark❤️ He is the best

3 Bambam

He has so much self confidence and that's great

Aww my oppa bambam my favorite out of the group and my favorite oppa my bambam.

Adorable Little Baby! Always has been and always will be my bias...


Bambam is MY BABY ROFL

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4 JR

Just literally, like a panda...

5 JB

Everything about him is perfect he's flawless


6 Youngjae

He is literally the sunshine no one can't hate on him

I really like the way he laughs

I love his smile

He's fine

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7 Yugyeom

He's a great dancer and he's so innocent and kind

8 Park Jin-young
9 Jackson Wang
10 Mark Tuan

He's so handsome�"

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