Best Grace Vanderwaal Songs

In case you didn't know, Grace Vanderwaal is a twelve year old singer-songwriter who won America's got talent. These songs are yet to be realeased, so they can't be found on any album. She didn't perform all of these songs on AGT. I found some of these songs on her official YouTube channel, "Oh Never Mind it's just me."

The Top Ten

1 Beautiful Thing

...Beautiful Thing is the exact same song as I'll Hold your Hand...

Beautiful song. Doesn't get much better than this.

A timeless song - 58richard

2 Gossip Girl
3 Light the Sky
4 Clay
5 I Don't Know My Name

She won AGT 2016 with this one!

The best one!

I lovve grace vander wall

Actally one of my favorite songs of all time.great job on winning grace!

6 12 Stars
7 The Good Just Gets Better
8 So Much More Than This

This is an a,axing catchy song

9 I'll Hold Your Hand
10 Miss You

The Contenders

11 Moonlight
12 Hotel California

(Cover of the song by The Eagles) I could only find 9 original songs by her so I had to add a cover. - Ku

13 A Better Life A Better Life

New song off her Just the Beginning album.

This song will be a Grammy winner. Album also will be up for Grammy. Not one bad song off her ep or upcoming LP. Her resonating vocals along with her relatable lyrics are spot on. We are witnessing something really special.

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