Best Grace Vanderwaal Songs

In case you didn't know, Grace Vanderwaal is a twelve year old singer-songwriter who won America's got talent. These songs are yet to be realeased, so they can't be found on any album. She didn't perform all of these songs on AGT. I found some of these songs on her official YouTube channel, "Oh Never Mind it's just me."

The Top Ten

1 Gossip Girl
2 Light the Sky
3 I Don't Know My Name

She won AGT 2016 with this one!

The best one!

I lovve grace vander wall

Actally one of my favorite songs of all time.great job on winning grace!

4 Beautiful Thing

...Beautiful Thing is the exact same song as I'll Hold your Hand...

Beautiful song. Doesn't get much better than this.

A timeless song - 58richard

5 Clay
6 12 Stars
7 The Good Just Gets Better
8 I'll Hold Your Hand
9 Miss You
10 Hotel California

(Cover of the song by The Eagles) I could only find 9 original songs by her so I had to add a cover. - Ku

The Contenders

11 Moonlight
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