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The lion is one of the big cats in the genus Panthera and a member of the family Felidae. The commonly used term African lion collectively denotes the several subspecies in Africa.


Lions are better tan tigers. Lions live in Africa and Asia but tigers live only in Asia. This is because of not living in groups. If the tiger had survived the horns and hooves of Africa, they would have been considered better but five paws, three bites and one leap and the lion, s enemy dies so this is the logic and proof of lions being the kings. I curse tigers and lion are like my followers.

Don't just side with one. Lions are kings of the Savannah and are mighty. But don't insult tigers. They are way stronger. In fact, the tiger has been included in the top 5 strongest animals; lion comes nowhere near. But lions deserve respect too. I saw a program in which the lion cleverly drinks water from the cleaner side of the pond, just like a King.

They're Fierce, Strong, Dangerous, Inquisitive and Flexible. The Strongest Big Cat in Africa. The Females hunt Zebra, Wildebeest, Antelope, Warthog, Buffalo (which weigh 1 tonne) and Baboons while the Males protect the pride and fight of intruders. What an amazing big cat. - JandS3000

It is true that tigers are heavier than lions but lions were born to fight whereas a tiger wasn't. A tiger wouldn't stand a chance. I saw a video of a tiger who ran away from a big male lion. The lion would definitely beat a tiger in a one on one fight. No wonder lions are called the king of the animals

Lions are a lot more aggressive than a tiger. They are smarter and their tactics are better. In the ancient times people even used a coin with a lion on it. When they made lions fight tigers, people would bet their money on the lion. And guess what, the lion won 95 per cent of the time.

The strength power and magnificence of a lion can never be matched (except when God wants). I have worked really very hard at a young age and a feel proud that I know so much about big cats. All I know is that lions are the best animals.

Lions have a mass ranging between 140-225 kg. Tigers have a mass ranging between 90-300 kg. So the average mass of a lion an tiger is nearly equal. Second thing is the body design and muscles, so have we guys ever looked at tiger. They live in cold ares, there furs are too much taller than lion's fur. So it's a common misconception that tiger has more masculine body than lion's. Body difference is 10-15 %. Lions also swim at the time when they hunt when their prey is near water or to the crocodiles. Lions and tigers are the best at their own. So it's a TIE (lion=tiger)

Lions are the superior animal because of how they hunt their size and the number that are in the prides. Even if some tigers are bigger than them they would still bet them in the fight.

Lion is definitely the BEST! Ever heard of the Lion King, well its TRUE. THE LION IS THE KING-OF-BEASTS- that includes all the other BiG CaTS and sea animals too. Lions Rule! Tigers Drule!

These animals are the top of the food chain in Africa. These animals can hunt down a tiger. And people say that lions are the king of animals which is why the movie "The Lion King" was made. They make loud roars AND DESERVE TO BE NUMBER 1!

Lions always beat tigers in fight as tigers are not used to fight for territory.

Lion's are overrated. Plus, people like them because they are "king of the jungle". Lions don't even live in the jungle. It's a zam!

Yeah lions I'm a zoo keeper and 1 of our tiger get killed by lion... And they not tell to media cause it cause big problem... And I proved it lion is king.

I love lions! They care about their families, and are very social. Lions are also super strong. They're in my favorite movie in the whole universe! Lions are the best animals ever!

A male lion would beat any male tigers in a fight. They are taller and have more muscles than a tiger. I watched so many videos and most of the time, the lion destroyed the tiger.

Lion is the most beautiful animals on the planet. It maybe second in size but it can and will win again any tiger. And I'm a cat person. Lions are truly the most powerful big cat.

Go lions! LION is the real king of the beast! Not the tiger! Tiger can't survive into the lion's home.

Tiger no way lion is the king of all big cats I seen lion and tiger fight lion always win and big, strong, and dangerous

The lion are the best animals. They can kill any animal of the whole world and even the tiger. LONG LIVE THE KING OF THE BEASTS, JUNGLES, AND POWER.!

I think you perfectly knew the answer lions are the best. Wish you put the clips were the lion destroys the tiger.As you mentioned a lions is cool! A tiger is a fool!

Lions always fight to end and to make some films people need as much as 3-5 tigers vs 1 lion. To make the film called Big Cage they needed 4 Male Bengal tigers and they were beaten one after another. they were definitely males because all of them have balls. Tigers in that film were all beaten and director of Big Cage still didn't see tiger winning. He decided to cut out lion killing, defeating and dominating tigers and not only HE chased that lion into cage but said that it was A tigress who chased lion. This was the biggest lie in history.

Lions have almost no chance to loose with a tiger. A famous tiger EXPERT Kailash Sankhala Story of the Indian tiger 1977 page 119 says a lion would beat a tiger. The tiger MIGHT have a chance to get out of this flair. Tigers because they live in deep jungles they are more flair and can swift out somehow and escape. Lion wouldn't chase it, after 300 yards it will asume dominant posture. As tigers are hevier they are slower. In some fights ...more

Lions may be a little smaller than tigers but the lion has more fighting experience and they are braver. My vote goes for lion

Tigers always like to hide But lion want to make its kingship...
A roar of lion is above 10 kilometers When a lion roar tiger runs If you want see Watch video Lion owns 7 tigers in YouTube

Lions are great and majestic animals... You can't beat them! You don't hear tigers anywhere in the bible do ya? Lions are definitely #1!

Lions are taller and have more muscles than a tiger. It would absolutely beat a tiger in a fight. Lions rule!