Greatest Grand Princes of Russia

This list excludes Tsars from Ivan IV to Nicholas II (1533-1917).

The Top Ten

1 Ivan III

Decisively ended Mongol dominance of Russia in 1480 and tripled the territory of Russia through wars with the various Mongol Hordes and Eastern European states. - JamesNicholls

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2 Vladimir the Great

Significantly Christianised 'Rus, and improved relations with the Byzantine Empire significantly, to the extent they were Russia's closest ally of Byzantium over the 11th century. - JamesNicholls

3 Yaroslav the Wise

Notably made the foundation for the Chronicles, many churches and cathedrals, defeated his brother, established the Russkaya Pravda law code and Kievan Rus was at its height under Iaroslav's Rulership. - JamesNicholls

4 Sviatoslav the Brave

His brutal military campaigns against Bulgaria and the Byzantine Empire resulted in the great expansion of Kievan Rus. - JamesNicholls

5 Rurik

Russians did not ask Rurik to rule them because they are stupid. No, they wanted to expand Russia by merging with Scandinavia.

Found the 'Rus Khaganate and Prince of Novgorod. - JamesNicholls

6 Vladimir II Monomakh

Defeated Boniak of the Cuman tribes, succeeded in establishing a golden era for Kiev and upon his death had a strong testament issued to bring 'Rus closer together. - JamesNicholls

7 Alexander Nevsky
8 Daniel of Moscow
9 Vasili III
10 Vasily II of Moscow

The Contenders

11 Peter the Great
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