Best Grand Theft Auto 5 Locations

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1 Los Santos International Airport

Great place for stunts and of corse many planes and helicopters lying about

2 Fort Zancudo

Steal a jet, buzzard or a tank and kill anyone and everyone

3 Mount Chiliad

Challenge yourself to drive to the top and the parachute to the bottom!

4 Los Santos Customs

Where else are you going to customise your ride?

5 Sandy Shores

A derelict town by the lake which has its own airfield, with another airfield across the lake

6 Your Apartment

Store your cars in your garage and then relax after a hard days crime

7 Ammu-Nation

Increase your firepower beat your friends to level 120 and show then who's boss with the mini-gun

8 Maze Bank Tower

Use a cargobob to drop a few cars in top and have yourself a demolition derby with your friend. Or try and land on someone below!

9 Del Perro Pier

Steal a boat from by the pier or just drive around by the rides knocking over every pedestrian

10 Vanilla Unicorn

The Contenders

11 Mission Row Police Station
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