Grand Theft Auto IV


Grand Theft Auto 4 sucks. Niko was a stupid emo and his stupid fat cousin Roman who always runs his mouth and is so annoying. Dimitri sucks and was not even menacing. Story was so boring, too talky and less interesting. Realism sucks. Lacks features, content and the charm which made Grand Theft Auto great. Atmosphere was dull and no fun. Unlike other Grand Theft Auto games which were amazing, Grand Theft Auto 4 made me stop playing Grand Theft Auto series for a long time. And what pisses me off is that how fanboys called the story dark. Grand Theft Auto 4 was just trying to be dark with colour variants, the actual story is predictable with a few unexpected dumb twists. The best part of this game was when I finished the game.

Grand Theft Auto 4 sucks and is very overrated. Grand Theft Auto 3 was way better and had a better soundtrack. Claude was more interesting and badass than that crying idiot Niko. I always hated Grand Theft Auto 4 for its crappy controls boring atmosphere and stupid fight controls. Grand Theft Auto 3 for life!

San Andrea was amazing, but it is mediocre compared to this, besides this is one of the greatest games of all time! This is the first GTA on to PS3 and XBOX 360 and the graphics were so unbelievable!, everyone thought, is this a movie!? The storyline is pretty simple and entertaining, and the multiplayer kills it! Overall this is an excellent game with a great soundtrack and amazing visuals!

Instead of sunny Los Angeles, Rockstar decided to go a different way - they created a dark themed New York with an amazing story for an open world game. Grand Theft Auto IV also introduced many new features, great graphics and physics. The city looked like a real New York, radio stations were awesome and I really enjoyed the game overall, it felt good. Also, what is Grand Theft Auto V doing in top 3? I understand that this is subjective, but this game doesn't deserve such a high spot. It's a "improved" version of Grand Theft Auto IV. I agree with San Andreas and Vice City, these games were awesome, Grand Theft Auto IV will most likely stay as my favorite one though.

Most overpraised game in history. Niko Bellic is the most overrated Grand Theft Auto character ever. Grand Theft Auto 3 was way better than that overhyped disappointment Grand Theft Auto 4.

Best game in the world. Dose not matter we cannot fly the plane but we can do many things else.

gta iv is the most populor game cars are better then sa cars gta iv is the best ever

This was my first Grand Theft Auto and Niko Bellic is the best character in all of Grand Theft Auto. So vastly underrated and the hype surrounding Grand Theft Auto 5 won't stop me from playing more Grand Theft Auto 4.

This game should be voted lower simply because its boring. Boring storyline, boring environment, boring character, boring car control, too realistic. Not enough customisation. Graphic becomes secondary when it lacks the above mentioned quality. So there's that. Overall I still wouldn't go for this series if I'm looking to buy.

It is my favorite because of excellent graphics and awesome hero I don't think why san andreas is at first place san andreas cannot compete with but san andreas is the best for ps2

It's the best Grand Theft Auto game because it has the best storyline and good graphics and good sound track I love rock star but my first like always be Grand Theft Auto san

This the best Grand Theft Auto and Vice City sucks.

The shooting mechanic is king in Grand Theft Auto IV. The graphics, story, and gameplay are better than SA. There is no debate, IV is the best Grand Theft Auto game of all time.

Best Grand Theft Auto ever made and I've played them all with exception of Grand Theft Auto London and Grand Theft Auto 2... Hell Grand Theft Auto 5 should have never existed worst piece of crap listen my advice and don't buy that crap instead go for Grand Theft Auto 4 100000000 millions time much better

I don't care what any one says, the best of all, the music rocks, the storyline is incredible, I have no doubt whatsoever that it is the best Grand Theft Auto game

My first game in ps3 was Grand Theft Auto 4 its has great graphics and have sense not like Grand Theft Auto sa like from one cheat the cars can fly its boring and boring and boring I hate Grand Theft Auto sa its bakvaas!

The most awesome, complicated, and the most fantastic story. Liberty City looks absolutely real. Superb Graphics. Only problem are the vehicles, the drift too much.

I personally never chaired much for this game it is a important step in the franchise though but I think it should be down a rank or two

What a game man! This is the highest game of Grand Theft Auto series true the mansion of the game can agree of not smoking free man is niko bellic is very goodest man because he can't smoke cigar! So, it's the latest game of the world which human and citizens can't playing this game whoa!

Before Grand Theft Auto V there was the then-greatest sandbox game of all-time. Now it's not even loved enough to reach the top 3. - BKAllmighty

Grand theft auto 4 is the best game. It has real life animations like pushing people from end of bridges or high roads while Grand Theft Auto san andreas, vice city, Grand Theft Auto 3, gta2, Grand Theft Auto chinatown wars, grand theft auto haven't got these animations. It has also got awesome speedy cars and
Vehicles of all types and also a huge map to play with

Nice game but there is no way to earn money accept selling cars on Stevie's garage but not much fun in the game

All the cheats all the mods makes this game very fun to me this is by far the best Grand Theft Auto game ever

Best one yet. Andreas has too many annoying glitches. I'll admit that andreas was a bit more fun.

The best game in Xbox360, pc and ps3. Awesome graphics. Its like in the city in real life. Very awesome.