Grand Theft Auto San Andreas


Not just the best Grand Theft Auto game, it is without a shadow of a doubt the greatest game of it's generation, and perhaps, arguably one of the greatest game of all time. No game has ever pushed the boundaries of its generation as far as this, SA pushed the ageing hardware of the PS2 and Xbox to their absolute limits. This game was everything a Grand Theft Auto fan could of wished for and more. Eight years later, and developers continue to strive to emulate the greatness of this game and fail.

This has seemingly not just the Best Grand Theft Auto Game ever made, It's also one of Rockstar Games' Best Games ever made and is one of The Best Video Games in the PlayStation 2 Console.

This Game has a Powerful Plot, Memorable Characters, Smooth Gameplay, and lots and lots of more! The helpful of Cheats can make your Character and your Gameplay a Better Experience. They have Great Hobbies in this Game too!

For Me, This was the Best Video Game I've ever played. And I'm still playing it this Day.

By far #1! San Andreas has pretty much everything. I've played some of the other Grand Theft Auto games and this one stays my favorite by a big margin! You can get lots of different tattoo's, tons of different clothes, lots of different hair cuts, eat, puke, fly in different types of air-crafts, drive so many different things, parachute, do well over 100 missions, run from the cops, SWAT team, FBI, army, use tons of different weapons and add-ons, swim, recruit gangs members, rob houses, have sex, mod your car, and WAY more!

GTA IV doesn't hold a candle to this masterpiece. This is only second to Red Dead Redemption in terms of being the greatest video game period, let alone the greatest GTA game. What IV improved upon graphically, it lost in both features and plot. "End Of The Line", the epic mission that concludes San Andreas' amazing story, is by FAR the greatest ending of a video game, ever.

Grand Theft Auto V may be the best to most people, but when it comes to it San Andreas still holds the spot. I applaud R* for giving us back Los Santos but the sheer amount of stuff you could do and wide array of people and missions to play is still a marvel in its time. Best Grand Theft Auto ever? Yes. As long as you don't miss the train like CJ. - AlbinoAce

When I had the original xbox our family bought Grand Theft Auto 3 and vice city when I played those 2 they were awesome but when I got san andreas it blew out those 2 Grand Theft Auto's away. My brother and I can play local multiplayer ( the only Grand Theft Auto game that has local multiplayer). And put cheats in like crazy infinite ammo infinite health you can fly your car like a plane a quadbike jump off buildings with parachutes I'm still playing that old game on my 360. Its still my favorite game of all time.

SA is the most played Grand Theft Auto Game of all time. The map is 4 times bigger than VC. There are the widest range of weapons.
It has more than 50 cheats. And it takes up a space of about 5.03 GB (approximately about 5,405,608,377 bytes)
Though it has lesser VFX it has the most exiting setting, gameplay and every thing.

I don't care what anyone thinks but this is the best game ever! This game has unbelievable gameplay, cheats and soundtrack and pretty much everything! You can pretty much do anything in San Andreas, flying cars, jets, jetpacks, heliopters, make CJ a fat guy and a scrawny guy, flying quad bike and you can even do some amazing mods on the PC version of the game! IV is my 2nd favorite Grand Theft Auto game but honestly IV was missing too much exciting parts to the game what made it exciting. In Grand Theft Auto IV you couldn't get Niko fat, you didn't have jets, no flying cars, no flying quad bikes and more. Only thing IV has over San Andreas is the graphics, which I don't really care too much about. - jamienicholls

Everything about this game from the grand scale open world to the car customization and swimming mechanics screams masterpiece. This and Grand Theft Auto I are the only Grand Theft Auto games I've actually felt the need to play all the way through and beat the story. Such memories!

It's the best game ever. If you will play this game I promise you that you will never turn off your computer/laptop. You will never play another game except "Grand Theft Auto SAN ANDREAS" AND YOU WILL LOVE THIS GAME VERY VERY MUCH. If I will tell you every thing then what would be the fun?

Best game so far.. The lead character is awesome. Only Grand Theft Auto storyline is about gangs. Great gameplay and best Storyline ever.

Graphics is just average, but it is more fun because of its missions and very funny characters especially the grove street members.

People say Grand Theft Auto 5 the best game only because of two things- Graphics and online. But real Grand Theft Auto fans know that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Vice City were the best.

Besides, Grand Theft Auto V, San Andreas is the 2nd largest open world Grand Theft Auto game. The game combined with a tale of a gangstar, and the struggles he faces are dark and gritty. Isn't Grand Theft Auto about free roaming exploration?

This was the first Grand Theft Auto game I played and man! I was impressed. Some how I lost the disc for the game until I got Grand Theft Auto IV its alright but I still like SA better because it has a better gameplay and man I'm looking forward to buying this game again its just fantastic

Best Game Ever, nothing will beat it, far better than Grand Theft Auto 5, kids nowadays will never experience a masterpiece like this. This is God's Way to make a "Open-World Game" 11/10. It's the best in the series, and most likely forever will be. Grove Street 4 Life.

I played every Grand Theft Auto game. San Andreas is shocking, not necessarily because of its typical contentious subject matter, but because of the sheer scale of experience. It is quite possibly the best game ever made.

Best missioning game ever I have played. Everything is included in this game thrill, action. The missions in it are classic and best missions are stowaway, just business, wrong sides of the tracks, og loc, vertical bird, breaking the bank, end of the line etc

I like drive that Sultan because its stable and All wheel drive, and fuel efficient and durable, and I like to playing with police when driving Sultan, I like destroy the train also because it is fun

Most people said me that Grand Theft Auto vice city is best but when I played both the games Grand Theft Auto vice city & Grand Theft Auto san andreas I realised that Grand Theft Auto san andreas is most interesting game.

I played GTA3, I played Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Grand Theft Auto 4, and this one is by far the best in the Grand Theft Auto series. It haves the best gameplay, best story. Best sound track. Only thing that is not the best is the graphics but who cares gameplay is where it is at!

This game compared to: Grand Theft Auto VCS, Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto VC, etc, is boss! Flying Jetpacks, Blue Hell, you can even go to liberty city from there! You can't do half of the craziness on Grand Theft Auto IV! Grand Theft Auto V!

I'll have two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, two number forty-fives, one with cheese, and a large soda."

This is the game which made the Grand Theft Auto series popular. It has a vast content, huge map, great story, various missions, countless features and great characters. Lots of places to visit and you never get bored.

There was only going to be one winner, and this game deserves to be number 1. Grand Theft Auto 4 obviously has the better graphics but that's what makes this game special. This had such a good storyline, decent music and a ton of space to mess about with if you got bored or completed the story.

Awesome game the best I've played so interesting story it is amazing in features and even if you run out of missions still too much to do best rockstar games has to offer I can't wait for a sequel please rockstar create a sequel please