Best Grand Theft Auto IV Cars

The Top Ten

1 Comet

Amazing handling and acceleration

Really fast and stylish

2 Infernus

Have to love the Lamborghini look to it.

3 Super GT

We can sit here and compare the speeds of the cars and see which one is faster, but we're all forgetting the other aspects such as handling and how the car drifts, which puts the Super GT further up the list. Ever tried to drift a Comet? It's hell.

All around great vehicle

4 Banshee

Comes in hardtop and convertible. nice racing stripes

Quite fast and good handling

The original best bro!

5 Turismo

A fast, awesome car. Looks amazing in red as it resembles a Ferrari

Laugh out loud so funny I l in till the next day

6 Coquette

Fast nice looking car, low to the ground provides good grip to the road.

7 Sultan RS

Fastest car in the game, and it has the best handling.

Probably the car with the highest acceleration


8 Cognoscenti

The definition of luxury and style

Classy, based on Mercedes S-class, but still very stilish and brilliant car

9 Buffalo
10 Feltzer

The Contenders

11 Patriot

One of the best for offroading

12 Tank
13 Bullet GT
14 F620
15 Dukes

Best muscle car in the game period

16 Sentinel

A decent all around car in my opinion.

17 Taxi
18 Roosevelt
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