Top 10 Grand Theft Auto V Guns

(Not counting new Grand Theft Auto: Online's gun/weapons Update) Based on the original Grand Theft Auto V Dynamic.

The Top Ten

1 Carbine Rifle 5.56mm STI

Definitely the most special weapon to kill cops on a (5 stars) wanted level.

Good one, Fast & Effective

Good choice on put this nomber une


2 Pistol 9mm

Trustable and silent. A good little friend.

Even the LSPD charge this hand-gun _all the time_

3 Micro SMG .45 ACB

This gun it's the only reason why I do Drive-By kill's againts the ballas and other gangs. - pLix33

One of the best guns, well... who knows? maybe- the best

a Classic.

4 Pump Shotgun 12 gauge

Oh yes I prefer this one than the useless pistol.

5 Advance Rifle
6 Combat Pistol 9mm ACB
7 SMG 9mm
8 Assault SMG STI ACB 6x30mm
9 Sniper Rifle

This Sniper rifle Should be number 1

The best

10 Sticky Bombs
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