Best Grand Theft Auto V YouTube Gaming Channels


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21 KasaanTV
22 Dat Saintsfan

Really connected with his viewers, all his info is correct, and he's a funny guy.

Are you good player man

23 TheIvaneh

His videos are so original and entertaining

One of the best Grand Theft Auto channels!

Definitely worth checking out!

24 Hazardous

He is a really nice guy with a sense of humour. His videos are really nice with jokes at the right moment. And also he is a good musician! Erik or Hazardous is one of the best in my opinion! Keep it up Haz! 👍👍

25 Daithi de Nogla
26 JahovaWitniss

He is the funniest YouTubers withing in the crew he plays with

27 Redkeymon

I love his videos. It's sad that he is dead.

28 Smosh Games
29 LispyJimmy V 1 Comment
30 Miniminter
31 gtamissions

His videos have a very unique take on custom maps.

32 Timepony2

This guys is 13 and he is a really good you tuber sub to him

33 Gtavideos
34 JackFrostMiner V 1 Comment
35 SkyVSGaming

Funny and so are his friends. All have a unique personalities to make their videos funny.

36 PrinceMeed LIVE! V 1 Comment
37 Rezza Dude
38 Kpopp

Even though she hasn't uploaded a Grand Theft Auto video recently, KPopp should be considered as one of the best Grand Theft Auto YouTubers. She has several Let's Plays for both Grand Theft Auto IV and V that are all equally hilarious, with her best and most popular being Kelly's Police Brigade; she plays as a police officer and has a crazy partner named Alfred, whom shoots whenever he has the chance. That aside, KPopp genuinely enjoys playing Grand Theft Auto, even if she plays alone most of the time.

39 GJG
40 Zerkaa
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