Top Ten Weapons in Grand Theft Auto

In GTA games,you have a lot of weapons like explosives, melee, guns, and fighting moves. But what is the best of the best?

The Top Ten

1 Mini-Gun

blow up something in a second

Best gun on then game

Sometimes, I just want to grab my minigun and start shooting people...

Minigun is not mini its huge

2 AK-47

Its cool to shoot head shots whit it

3 M60

Other than it's slow rate of fire, it has the most powerful bullets.

4 M4

Reliable in every game it appears in. In Grand Theft Auto 3, it was pretty much the minigun.

You can rely on this gun to make a ht with good accuracy, best rate of fire and mid-long range.

5 Uzi

I played Grand Theft Auto for ages and the Uzi was my best friend

6 Rocket Launcher

Every thing blows up it's cool

7 Molotov Cocktail

Love to just watch people burn then bump into other people and there on fire too

8 Grenade Launcher

The micro smg and the smg is real nice. But wish the range was a little longer but the gun is awesome.

10 Knife

The Contenders

11 Sniper Rifle

In Reality I have a BFF
In Virtual Reality Sniper is my brother - World10s

12 Pistol
13 Sticky Bombs

So easy, you can blow up gangs or goons quicker! Is that simple or what?

Almost impossible to miss with

Easy to handle, great effect

14 Silenced Pistol
15 Satchel Charges
16 Chainsaw

Kills anyone in one touch.

17 Dildo

Haha, that's funny when you're smacking cops with it in San Andreas, especially in police station in Dillimore! :D :D :D

18 Katana

Kills people instantly in Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars, I am not too sure about the others.

It's actually known as a sword in Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars, not a katana.

19 Fist
20 Baseball Bat

The baseball bat is my favorite weapon in Grand Theft Auto 5

21 AP Pistol

Automatic, Barely any recoil, Accurate as ever, Highest damage pistol, 36 rounds in a clip (With extended clip) What's not to love!?

It's a mini Assualt rifle!

22 Tommy Gun
23 Tank

its op

24 Jerry Can

Make a trail of gasoline and light it up with fire, that's what Trevor Phillips used during one of his missions.

Mission"Crystal Maze", where he kills 6 of O'Neil brothers.

25 Desert Eagle

This gun is the best one shot they die and very strong like minigun

26 Machine Gun

Ultimate wepon (more affective than missile launcher)

27 Heat Seeker Rocket Launcher
28 Flame Thrower

In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas with the infinite ammo cheat it is awesome to use

Sets people on fire and sets a chain reaction

29 Semi-auto Pistol

Best gun in the lost and damned PERIOD

30 Stun Gun
31 Car
32 SPAS 12
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