Best Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Weapons

The Top Ten
1 Minigun

How can minigun be only 10th? It is by SO far the best weapon. Sniper rifle is another favorite.

2 AK47

This should be higher IT TAKES PEOPLES HEAD OFF.

3 Pistol
4 Rocket Launcher
5 Desert Eagle
6 Pump-Action Shotgun
7 Silenced Pistol
8 M4
9 Sawn-off Shotgun
10 Uzi

I think you mean micro smg.

The Contenders
11 Sniper Rifle/Hunting Rifle
12 Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher
13 SMG/MP5

Pretty much an assault rifle.

14 Tec-9
15 Rifle/Country Rifle
16 Flamethrower

Can takeout tanks

17 Combat Shotgun/SPAS-12
18 Dildo


19 Grenade
20 Molotov Cocktail
21 Satchel Charge
22 Spray Can
23 Tear Gas
24 Fire Extinguisher
25 Camera
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