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Graveworm is a Melodic Death metal, Gothic Metal, Symphonic Black Metal band.. They were formed in 1992 in
Brunico (Bolzano), Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy they use keyboards on most of their songs to do a symphonic atmosphere.. Their lyrical themes are :-Religion (Christianity), Evil, Sadness, Death, Love ( Gothic is a better term)

The Top Ten

1 Fear of the Dark

It's an Iron Maiden Cover they made it very well with such an amazing melodic intro... An they did it very well with a black/death metal style... - nooreldeen

2 Losing My Religion

Amazing cover.. They turned it to compelete awesomness... I recommnded you to hear it.. And the keyboards in it was just amazing.. - nooreldeen

3 (N)Utopia
4 Memories
5 Hateful Design
6 See No Future
7 Which Way

My favorite one...after hunders of thousand times listening and still fresh as the light of morning

8 Timeless
9 Legions Unleashed
10 I Need a Hero

The Contenders

11 Diabolical Figures

The song is amazing start to finish. Not even ranked? Come on!

12 Nocturnal Hymns

Perfect intro and good match between guitar and keys nice drums and. Sad theme - Rhapsody

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Top Remixes

1. Fear of the Dark
2. (N)Utopia
3. Losing My Religion
1. Losing My Religion
2. Fear of the Dark
3. Hateful Design



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