Top Ten Best Gravity Falls Alternate Universes

Honestly, I might read the fan fictions and look up the fan art, fan made videos (Like MikeInel) and comics (Like the most amazing thing ever! Look up "Garden falls starfleetrambo." It's a gravity falls and over the garden wall crossover. It's kind of like a comic fanfiction. It's an amazing comic made by someone with the most amazing artistic talent. He/She also made another gravity falls comic with very amazing results as well. It's called "You smell like death starfleetrambo". This one's a gravity falls and Danny Phantom crossover. It's A LOT better than it sounds. Don't Knock it before you try it.) more than I actually watch the show. Now, don't get me wrong. I've watched every episode. But, with Au's and fanfictions, you can get involved as well and it's not as slow of a update. And with fanfictions, if you don't like the story your reading, you don't have to hope it get's near the end. You can just go to a different fanfiction and see if it's better.

The Top Ten

1 Reverse Falls

Personally, this was very popular with me because it was a little darker than the other AU's. -Author Note

It a cool au and I really like reverse dipper

I'm in love with this au!

2 Monster Falls

Ew god that's bizarre. One, he's twelve, and two, you're attracted to deer legs? Oh boy, this fandom needs help.

It it weird I find Dipper even MORE attractive with deer legs? Yeah. Fan girl problem. #Fangirling -Author Note

3 Blinded Pinetree

I felt like this AU was pure genius but it's not higher because I haven't had time to truly look into it quite as much and see what it's about. I've mostley been looking at the fan art. -Author Note

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4 Reunion Falls

Yeah. This one was pretty good. But, I hate how there wasn't as much depth or background for it. Oh well. - Author Note

5 Gravity Rises

I just don't like how Dipper was the goofy one. Dipper's always been my favorite character and it feels weird seeing his personality on someone else. But, I like seeing pictures of him and Robbie getting along. So, yeah. -Author Note

6 Transcendence AU

Again, I have NO IDEA what's going on in this AU. At least in the relativity Falls AU I got the basis of it. But for this one, I don't even know how Dipper ended up like that.

Alcor is life

7 Rebel Falls
8 Anti-Gravity

This is cool because in this one, you see Dipper (Hot! ) and Mabel in Wendy and Soos's shoes for once. Or maybe it's just because in this AU Dipper's going out with Pacifica. Big deal... Yeah. It is. I'm a total shipper. -Author Note

9 Relativity Falls

I really don't know much about this one. I just like the fan art. -Author Note

10 Cipher Twins

There's so cute! -Author Note

The Contenders

11 Alchemist Falls

The art work it AWESOME but I've never seen full alchemist so I can't really get the whole experience of the Au. Sorry. -Author Note

12 1920s AU

Go ahead and imagine if the show took place in the 20's. It's cooler than it sounds. - lavashooter

13 Depravity Falls V 1 Comment
14 Fight Falls
15 Twin Demons AU
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