Top Ten Gravity Falls Characters with Character Development


The Top Ten

1 Pacifica Northwest

I love her. She's the Diamond Tiara of Gravity Falls. - TwilightKitsune

Went from being the towns alpha bitch to a lovable girl who grew a spine and stood up against her abusive parents. Congrats! - Organ

2 Dipper Pines

He just matured in the best way possible - Organ

3 Wendy

She has always been nice but used to be lazier and didn't take anything really serious. She go more determined and ambitious - Organ

4 Stanford Pines

He kinda gave up his selfish behavior he displayed during his first episodes - Organ

5 Soos Ramirez
6 Mabel Pines

Minor one but I think she recieved in the finale - Organ

You mean the one where she got everything she wanted and got no comeuppance for her actions? - jatboy

7 Stanley Pines

He's always been a good person at heart but he learned that he doesn't have to hide it - Organ

8 Bill Cipher

In his own, twisted way. He became a more dangerous villain and his plans became smarter and more complicated - Organ

9 Waddles
10 Tambry

Was able to have a normal relationship and got control over her phone addiction - Organ

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