Top 10 Best Gravity Falls Couples

Fandom couples are aloud NO PINECEST IT doesn't COUNT BECAUSE THAT IS WRONG

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1 Pacifica x Dipper

I think they could be a couple, but its kinda a long shot. But still possible, so vote fore Pacifica and Dipper! Anyway, I think they would be so cute together, even though its only shown in one episode how Pacifica doesn't hate Dipper entirely. So, once again, vote for this couple!

I love Rev! Dipper x Pacifica, and don't get me started on how much I love normal! Dipper x Pacifica.

This is probably the only ship I support. I mean, Dipper subtly hinted some attraction towards her in Journal 3, so it could happen. They showed some chemistry in the Northwest mansion episode and I think they'd be really cute as a couple!

There so cute together

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2 Bill x Dipper

Why is this rated so low? I understand it's considered crack but seriously. Mabel x Gabe is above this. Why? What is wrong with this fandom?

I think that you can't ignore the the underage sex but you can't help it! Bill is like probably older than time itself he a demon! I really like This ship

I thought it was kinda cook

It's the best ship!

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3 Bill x Mabel

Absolutely the BEST!

Just the best!

I feels that this will be THE BEST MABEL AND BILL SHIP EVER as personality-wise, they would definitely click. They are both crazy in their own ways, and if Bill ever comes back, Mabel will definitely be the one to help him get back on his feet, as she is very sweet and forgiving, so THEY ARE THE BEST SHIP EVER!


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4 Dipper x Wendy

Anybody who voted Pacifica x Dipper, note that even Alex Hirsch doesn't favor Dipcifica: many Dipcifica fans like to point out that in Journal #3, where Dipper writes in Stanford's/Dipper's Journal, "Except for Pacifica. The only thing stranger than meeting this ghost was discovering that Pacifica has some good inside. Sure, she's spoiled, and mean, and makes this weird face when she's annoyed, but she ended up saving me and half the town. I guess despite all her parents' attempts to make her awful, there's hope for her after all. (They ring a bell to call her like a butler and punish her with groundings and credit card cutoffs when she disobeys.) She also looks kind of okay in an evening dress, I guess. (-crossed out-And when she hugs you she smells like champagne and flowers and... Am I crazy or was there some vibe going on? -end of crossed out line). Dipcifica fans think THAT indicates that Alex Hirsch intends Pacifica to be Dipper's now-and-future crush? What about all the things ...more

I really like how each other compliment to one another, Dipper's the brains, while Wendy is the muscle.

Umm... There's two of these. The names are just switched.

5 Dipper x Mabel

I don't know, if they weren't siblings, they'd be a couple no doubt

I voted for this just because the author told me not to. Don't you be telling me how to vote!

What is wrong with that visitor that said "so cute? " - 445956

So cute :3

6 Mabel x Pacifica

I think these two would be adorable together.

This is definitely better than Dipcifica but that's just my opinion. They would have better chemistry than any other ship

7 Soos x Melody

My favorite ship! How is this below Dipper x Mabel? - AliciaMae

I wish they got more than one episode >:C


Best ship!

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8 Mabel x Marmando

He was in ONE episode. (Two if you count the five seconds Mabel took to tell Dipper Mermando was married)

Too bad Marmando got married. - Minecraftcrazy530

9 Old Man McGucket x Racoon

Haha, well McGucket x Racoon still makes truckloads more sense than Billdip.

I so ship it HoT ToMAlAIeS


Stop bringing BillDip into places where it doesn't need to be! BillDip didn't do anything to you!

10 Stan x Lazy Susan

Haha. I ship it.

The Newcomers

? Will Cipher x Dipper Pines

Both of them will make a cute couple!

? Stanford x Fiddleford

The Contenders

11 Gideon x Mabel
12 Marius x Grenda

Of course! That one episode though! I ship them

Cool sure yeah stuff

13 Blubs x Durland

This makes so much sense! Not my favorite but still better than Billdip!

Obvious - Organ

14 Wendy x Dipper


15 Candy x Dipper

No to the no.

16 Gabe x Mabel
17 Bill x Ford

I think this ship is kinda canon. In Weirdmageddon Bill tuned everyone into stone, or left them to die, but not ford. He turned Ford into GOLD of all things and kept him by his side. I love this ship.

More sense than Billdip


18 Stan x Carla

Who the hell is Carla?!

19 Mable x Robbie

This couple is actually pretty cute if you give it some thought. AND WHY IS GIDEON X MABEL UP SO HIGH? GIDEON X MABEL shouldn't EXIST AT ALLL!

20 Robbie x Tambry
21 Dipper x Wirt
22 Dipper x Norman
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