Top 10 Gravity Falls Episodes That Should Be Created


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1 Gravity over Yonder 1 hr 30 min.

Your comment just further proves your idiocy. Gravity Falls has not been cancelled, it has been finished with a coherent ending. Get your facts straight before you criticize.

Dipper and Mabel finds Wander's orble juice at Lazy Susan's diner and Mabel thought it was some bubbles but she accidentally creates a bubble and then floats to space, then 3 hours pass and they find Wander and Sylvia on some crazy planet with Lord Hater and Sylvia sees that Mabel has the orble juice in her hands and then Sylvia thinks they are criminals... so on so forth... and this is a crossover between Wander Over Yonder and Gravity Falls - MeaganSaysHI

It's sounds possible, both characters we know, it just sounds so RIGHT!

Gravity Falls/Star vs The Forces of Evil more like

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2 Phable and Fipper 1 hour.

A crossover between Phineas and Ferb and Gravity Falls - MeaganSaysHI

Best crossover ever!

please no

I wouldn't mind a crossover where Phineas and Ferb are in Gravity Falls with a Gravity Falls-style adventure/mystery plot, as long as it's not the other way round bacause though I do still like P&F, Gravity Falls is way better when it comes to the plot. - sofiav

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3 Dipperlicious 15 min.

Dipper meets the people who made Disco Girl and then makes a song with that person but Dipper got sick and puke and it accidentally got viral on YouTube, Dipper becomes the laughingstock of Gravity Falls, Oregon and he figures some device that erases things from people's minds.. and also off of social media websites. - MeaganSaysHI

I would watch this episode!

This is a stupid idea because:
A) Gravity Falls has been cancelled,
B) Gravity Falls ended in a way that would be timeless; social media, memes, and slang terms become outdated within 5 weeks,
C) There is already a mind erasing device, and the government would most likely shut the social media sites down if they were threatened.
This entire list is awful, to be honest...

4 Dipper makes book #4 30 min.

For 30 minutes though? This idea should be expanded upon. Also, I think Dipper should make his own journal instead of a fourth one of Ford's.

Sounds interesting, Dipper having his own little journal, but if it was about his

That's pretty good... Although it would kind of be the same thing but twice.


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5 Gravity Falls + Star vs the Forces of Evil

This would be AWESOME!
I think Dipper and Marco would get along, and Mabel and Star would get along also.


6 A Pal for Mabel
7 What ever happened to Soos? 20 min.

Soos mysteriously disappears and Dipper and Mabel search for him but Soos is fount in a safe with hot chicks and meat everywhere - MeaganSaysHI

Why would there be warm baby birds? Stupid.

What the hell? No.

8 Girl Troubles 20 min.

Mabel is also going through awkward phases from pre-pubescent to adolescence, so like Dipper, Mabel gets the awkward transformation, and she gets advice from Wendy, like normal teenagers, Mabel gets all weepy and then irritable then it gets out of control and then something crazy happens, her emotions got out of hand that it makes her turn into like a monster and destroys Gravity Falls, Dipper, Soos, Stan, and Wendy must figure out how to calm Mabel down to stop her from wrecking havoc on the town - MeaganSaysHI

9 Different Way: Gravity Falls Edition

If The Season 10 SpongeBob List Wasn't Bad Enough - JPK

No Just No

What is Different Way and what’s this this about?

10 Mabel Goes To McDonald's

Ugh... Not another Dipper Goes To Taco Bell.. - BlazingParasol

Please No - JPK


A groundhog will pop out of her burger

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? Grunkle Stan and Mabel’s Bedtime Fun: 24 Hour Special

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11 Dipper Gets Pacifica Pregnant


12 Dipper and Mabel meet the Wyatt Family
13 Gideon plots for revenge 1 hour

Gideon plots revenge on the Pines family for sending him to jail, this is a 2-part-special that should be in the season 2 finale, Gideon is with Bill Cipher again and they make the Pines appear in some Hellish place with fire and crying souls everywhere. - MeaganSaysHI

That should be a episode


14 Mabel vs the Forces of Evil

Gravity falls episode will be better if you add star vs the forces of evil

Yes! A gravity falls and SVTFOE crossover would Rocks! - Sassy13crown


15 One Coarse Dipper
16 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends

Wow, aren't you the optimist?

17 Mabel Vs. Pacifica Ultimate Dance Off! 15 min.

Sorry, but this plot is stupid and cliche. Next!

Who would watch this for 15 minutes

I hope Mabel wins! - Turkeyasylum

15 mins? Really?

18 Dipper's Splinter
19 Gravity Falls Naked Party

What?! What sicko suggested this?

I want to have it with them

I'm sexy and I know it

Another Inappropriate Idea - JPK

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20 Dipper Goes To The Bathroom

Honest to god, you people need help.

I'm becoming more and more concerned about this fandom each day.

I was kind of expecting plot that Dipper encounters a toilet monster when he goes to the bathroom

Sounds cool - PeeledBanana

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21 Mabel in the Wringer


22 Two Bad Neighbors
23 Dipper and Mabel's Parents 30 min.

To me, this should be in the middle of Season 2 or in Season 3, it's that special episode where the parents visit Gravity Falls to tell them that they won the lottery and they have to go to a expensive private school, so they nearly got sent to the school but then Grunkle Stan gets jealous and tries to steal the million bucks, he succeeds but then he feels bad about it bla bla bla... - MeaganSaysHI

That should be a episode

I agree in some light but isn't being away from your Parents, with your crazy Grunkle Stan, is what Summer is all about, at least that's what Gravity Falls has implied up til now, (Bit of Mable advice throne in for good measure)

We where supossed to c it in the last eppisode bat we didn't

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24 Dipper Asks Pacifica Out

Please let this happen!

She's like the only one in the show that's his age and even a little normal.

Haha I would live that

Well we get a bit of this in the all new: GRAVITY FALLS LOST LEGENDS. Well actually all they do is hug (again). Welp, I think that Dipcifica is canon. THANK THE LORD!

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25 Grunkle Stan Goes To KFC

NOOO leave Stan alone

26 Pet Sitter Soos

Nope - JPK

27 Gravity Falls House Party! 23 min.

Way to rip off Sponge bob's house party! - michaelsback

28 Mable Abuse
29 Dipper Abuse
30 Face Freeze!
31 Gump Roast
32 Bill Cipher Goes to Arby's

Lol But No - JPK

33 They Go Into Stan's Secret Portal

You mean Ford's portal

Now this is interesting!

This would rock!

This sould happen, but oh boy, what an original name.

34 Dipper Goes To Taco Bell

Yeah, ok. As if. What's next to air? Cupcakes?

Yes! If that happens I would blow up with happiness



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35 Fungus Among Us
36 Mabel Tries to Hook Dipper Up With Pacifica. (12 Years In the Future) 25 Min.

I was always thinking, come on, when ae Dipper and Pacifica gonna get together, ESPECIALLY after the Northwest Mansion Mystery Noir episode. Not a huge fan of the 12 years in the future though. Then again, I'm desperate for any more girlfriend.

They are married

Yes please


37 (Tad Strange Marries Bread) This Episode Will Be a "Tad Strange"

Actually there is a theory about tad strange. that he is bill's brother

Oh god


Please no

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38 Wendy Goes To Wendy's

I actually laughed at this one

Don't even

Lol But No - JPK


39 Mabel Searches Gary Oldman And Forgets The R

*falls off cliff* I laughed so hard... I got Lunch Isolation for a week..
Even though it was free time on Chrome Books in class.

40 A Flashforward: Wendy and Dipper's Wedding

Should be in the middle of season 20 or so

Teen and Preteen, how wrong that. Is! Off the list!

Haha you think THIS fandom will give a crap that teenxpreteen is "wrong"? These people ship a preteen and a trillion-year-old floating triangle for Christ's sake.

Sounds like an animated fanfic

41 Soos Goes to Burger King

You have got to be kidding me. - Minecraftcrazy530

Do we really need a Dipper Goes To Taco Bell Reference? - Turkeyasylum


42 Stan and Stanley's Childhood Together (25 Min.)

I think a flashback to Stanford's and Stanley's childhood and/or a flashback to when they came to Gravity Falls would make sense and it'd be very interesting to see how everything went down.

Already happened but even better than that IT WAS 30 MINS

Happened already, known as a tale of two stans. - Skullkid755

You know what would be cool though? A whole episode dedicated to one single adventure went on by the twins as children. Wouldn't that be precious? :3

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43 The Nightmare Before Fall (Movie 6 hours)

Six hour movie, yes that's feasible.

That would be longer than the lord of the rings return of the king

It's long and so Terrifying and mysterious it's unexplainable

6 HOURS?!?

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44 The Amazing World of the Pines

The amazing world of gumball and gravity falls

Yes TAWOG And Gravity Falls would be awesome

Every time I say to my siblings that the best crossover in the Kid Show world would be TAWOG and Gravity Falls!
So, I made a small part of a storyboard for a movie for this: (With good 1 hour and 30 mins! )

Long time ago, special creatures lived in peace with humans in a city. All kind of weird stuff happened and no one were surprised. Was the nature of the small city (that part is in 1.517 A.C). A type of animal, named puglinx, that looks like a winged small dog, guarded crystals that made that weird stuff possible. A spirit-like mutant wolf named Harpaxolix desliked the order, and killed lots of his kind and humans to stop that "madness". A cat-person named Daniel Elmore defeated Harpaxolix with the Sword of Elmore, that were hidden in the diamond caves for millions of years and her blade his corvered by titanium. He was helped by two human explorers of the Pines family, that were his best friends. But, at the same time destroyed the crystals and Harpaxolix, that vowed to ...more

Ok but no.

45 Regular Falls

Mordecai and rigby call the mystery twins to help them save the park from a curse

Gravity Falls Is Disney, Not Cartoon Network - JPK

It would be good

The creators are friends of each other.The art style is the same.The plot is almost the same.What could possibly go wrong?

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46 A Christmas Episode

Yes, the show is over, but it still should have happened. See, Dipper, Mabel, and the Grunkels return to Gravity Falls for a bizarre Christmas. Add fuel to the fire for Dipper x Wendy.

47 Grunkle Stan Kills His Friends and Family

Stupid Idea - JPK

Amazing story and I think it would make a good episode

Based on the amazing story of the same name.

48 The Battle of Gravity Falls
49 Stanley Pines

They have met Stanley pines on the first day of summer, humans

Yes, he was a theory, until half an hour ago.

Too bad things can't be deleted from the list

Good point!

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50 A Six Fingered Gift (21 Minutes)

This sounds cool, but the what's the plot?

I wonder what that could mean - PeeledBanana

It's the last day of summer and Dipper and Mabel have to go home. But before they go home, Ford gives Dipper a little gift. A fourth journal. (They're birthdays fall on the last day of summer. ~_~) *Time skip* Dipper and Mabel end up going to school in gravity falls! Yah! Happy ending!

Dipper and Mabel are going to leave gravity falls when Ford gives Dipper a 4th journal to document the mystery's of California. *Time skip* Dipper and Mabel end up staying for school! Yah! Happy ending! - dipperpinesfangirl618

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