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41 Dipper Gets Sick

Just think about it a sick dipper and a mothering Mabel it'd be literally too cute to handle - Organ

42 Mable Abuse
43 Good Luck Waddles Movie 2 hours

Stan, Soos, Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, and Waddles go to Denver for a ski trip but they run into a animated version of the Duncan family and then they all go skiing together and when they come back Waddles is gone - Truly

Haha NO


44 The How I Met Your Friends in Gravity Falls Theory
45 A Nightmare On Gravity Falls

Its unlikely that a nightmare on elm street crossover would be made but I love the idea! - samanime

46 Dipper and Mabel Go 10 Years In the Future and Meet Older Dipper and Mabel 45 Min.

Cool but the title is to long

Boo yah


Good one

47 The Underworld

It would be good to have an episode like that, showing people how to handle hell. - nelsonerico6

48 Author Revealed

The author of the journals... John Cena (sorry not sorry)

This happened already, silly

49 Gravity Heights

When I First Read This I Thought It Was A Gravity Falls And Muddy Heights Crossover

Mabel and Dipper time travel to the thirties and help Nancy Drew, George Fayne, and Bess Marvin solve a ghost mystery. (The name comes from River Heights, Nancy's hometown. It could also be called River Falls. )

50 Shmebulock's Revenge
51 Gravity Falls Naked Party

What?! What sicko suggested this?

Some Stupid Pervert Added This

I want to have it with them

Another Inappropriate Idea - JPK

V 4 Comments
52 That Terrible Apocalypse

Plot: this is the time of the apocalypse that bill was planning too. And all of the people in the bill cipher wheel (exept bill) will work together to stop the apocalypse! I think that would be great since this is the episode when you see Bill and the time baby meeting =P

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53 Long Journey (Gideon's revenge)

I like the idea of Mabel, Dipper, and Ford having to save Stan for a change, but I doubt Gideon would be able to actually kidnap Stan.

Plot: Gideon gets out of the jail, and he plans to kidnapped Grunkle Stan. So Dipper, Mabel, and Ford go to a long journey. It was mysterious. And the ending would be the Pines singing Taking Over Midnight (mix) in the night. This special episode would take 38 minutes

54 Rick and Gravity Falls vs the Forces of Evil

How about a crossover excluding Star vs Evil? It's not a bad show, but I don't think it's necessary. As for girlfriend and Rick and Morty, now that has potential! Imagine if Ford had met Rick when he was in the portal... Their interactions would be downright hilarious! And maybe they'd compete to see who's the best scientist or something like that, and Dipper and Morty can just watch them thinking, "why can't we all just get along? "

Rick: Son of A...

Stan: This is the Disney Channel. Just sat hot Belgian waffles

Rick, Star, and Ford embarking on interdimensional adventures- interesting.

55 SoosTube

Dipper and Mabel learn about a site called SoosTube, honored by Soos about videos of all kinds, comedies, music videos, horror movies, etc, but then Bill Cipher invades it and shows them their most hated SoosTuber, he talks in an annoying voice and acts crazy, then they panicked, and tried to find a way to end it, by killing that person, so they run up to him, and kill him, once again, foiling one of Bill's plans, and then they feel happy about SoosTube, and they, along with Soos, all laugh.

56 Wendy Goes To Wendy's

Don't even

Lol But No - JPK


57 Deadfalls

Why Gravity Falls Is A Kids Show?

Gravity Falls & Deadpool would be the BEST THING EVER!

58 Dipper Comes Out of the Closet


What even

59 Grunkle Stan Goes To KFC

NOOO leave Stan alone

60 Grunkle Stan Gets Rekd

Dipper kick his sorry bum using pig waddles for being mean

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