Top Ten Best Gravity Falls Episodes


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1 Not What He Seems

I'm sorry Mr. Pines! If that is your real name, but I have a new mission now; protecting these kids! - TheControversie

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2 Into the Bunker

You'll likely never find him. That six fingered nerd hasn't been himself for thirty years! - TheControversie

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3 Scary-Oke

We're here to celebrate the defeat of that little skunk Little Gideon! - TheControversie

Oh-oh! Girls do what we like. Oh-OH! We're taking over tonight!
So that's why I love the episode : For Grunkle Stan shows his cool actions on hitting the zombies and that song

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4 Gideon Rises

Face it, kid. You're nothing without that journal, how you gonna fight that? No muscles, no brains, what're you gonna do huh? What're you gonna do? - TheControversie

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5 Society of the Blindeye

That looks like a hair dryer, are you guys barbers? - TheControversie

Into the hall of forgotten

6 Sock Opera

There it is. I mean, who would sacrifice everything they've worked for just for their dumb sibling? - TheControversie

It was weird how that blonded-hair puppet man kisses his own puppets but still love Bill Cipher coming back and the way he grows so cooler and cooler.

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7 Carpet Diem

I just made Stan an omelette shaped like his own face! - TheControversie

I'm calling it the body swap episode

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8 Northwest Mansion Noir

There's something haunting the northwest mansion

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9 Tourist Trapped

That's for lying to me that's for breaking my heart and this is for messing with my brother

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10 The Golf War

Oh Pitt cola I always forget about the Pitt

Ah, mini golf; the sports of mini champions. - TheControversie

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11 Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back The Falls

It's the final episode, and the show ended on a high note.

12 The Last Mabelcorn
13 Weirdmageddon Part 1

This should be top 1

14 Soos and the Real Girl
15 Dreamscaperers
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