Top Ten Gravity Falls Moments

Honourable mentions, Gideon's introduction, Tyler's get em, get em! The glass on the two boats, when manly dan fights the fish, and paper jam dipper.

The Top Ten

1 Stan's secret bunker reveal!

Do I have to say much... Just wow. Twisty! - HudsonCipher

You mean Ford's secret bunker.

2 Mabel's sugar trip.

It was so hilariously random, I totally agree that its best known for this. Or pretty well known. This should be called 'Mabel's smile dip trip.'

"The future is in the past, ONWARD AOISHIMA! " Would you like to eat my candy paws. Gravity Falls is pretty well know for this scene - HudsonCipher

I shout ONWARDS AOSHIMA all the time, just so random :3

Onward Ioshima

3 When Bill cipher leaves.

Most people think it would be his entrance, but no. It's what he said when he left. A day will come with everything you know will change, until then I'll be watching you! Not the exact quote but pretty close. This could mean anything, but it sounds like bill cipher will return... Soon. Remember the universe is a hologram, reality is an illusion, buy gold BYE! - HudsonCipher

This is just so iconic to the character, especially all the cryptic stuff he says

Bill cipher never leaves... *Insert dramatic music here*

Some guy referenced this on Miiverse, and I was like: "What the heck? " But when I heard it again, I was like: "I love you for loving Gravity Falls! " It's just Hilarious...

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4 In epi.19 when we see how much Stan cares for Dipper.

In dreamscapers we see how much Stan thinks dipper is a loser. But wait Stan is actually toughening up Dipper so when the world fights him he can fight back. And he teaches Dipper how to defeat Bill... kinda. - HudsonCipher

5 When Soos and waddles switch bodies.

I love this scene, Waddles gets a girlfriend, but Soos gets a corncob! Also Wendy must still be pretty freaked out. - HudsonCipher

Yeah! I love that Wendy scene!

Ok let me get this strat in the 5 min we were fiting you got a girlfriend

6 When Dipper finds the journal.

It started this entire masterpiece! Thanks Stan, for making dipper hang signs everywhere. - HudsonCipher

7 Stan's brother is the author

When that episode was over I sat there for 5 min staring at the screen with my mouth wide open like WHAT JUST HAPPENED! I was "NEARLY ALMOST DEAD BUT NOT QUITE" Haha

"The author of the journals... My brother."

Biggest twist of all time!

Me: I saw that coming

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8 President. Quentin Tremblay III esq.

The 8th and a half president of the United States showed how insanely funny this show could be. This character was one of my favourites. "The only thing we have to fear, is gigantic, man eating spiders! " True that. - HudsonCipher

9 The training mix. Tie with paper jam Dipper.

A tiger roars, and a mountain cries, you gotta dream the dream, you gotta win the prize, never lose sight of the sights ya see, you gotta believe your beliefs are real! Now you're drinking from a fire hydrant, teach your uncle how to wear a cummerbund, now you're gonna jump a crazy gorge, keep on shavin' that hairy uncle, uhh... I don't really know what's happenin' in this part, your heart's on fire and the fire is in your heart! - HudsonCipher

10 Bill's Death

A-X-O-L-O-T-L my time has come to burn, I invoke the ancient power that I may return!

Bill's death was overall an epic scene and just shows how much Stan really cares for his family.

Bill didn't die doe

I think it was too dark.


The Contenders

11 When Wendy breaks up with Robbie. Tie with Durlan and Blubbs

I'm glad Robbie got what he deserved.

We see a terrible relationship end, and an amazing one start! "Aww, I almost got the treasure! " "The time we spend together is treasure enough. - HudsonCipher

12 The rock that looks like a face rock.

This just shows what a scam the mystery shack is. And the scene is pretty funny! It also shows how dumb the people of gravity falls are, like Stan said in the Hide-behind. - HudsonCipher

Stan: And here we have the rock that looks like a face!
Person:Does it look like a rock?
Stan: No it looks like a face.
Other person: Is it a face?
Stan: No, it's a rock that LOOKS like a face.
I think this scene shows how much patience Stan REALLY has.

It's a rock that looks like a face end of story

And behold, rock that looks like a face rock!
Does it look like a rock?
No, it looks like a face.
Is it a face?
No, it's a rock that LOOKS like a face.

13 When Mabel says she trusts Stam

Grunckle STAM I trust you


STAM! Are you kidding me! If you're gonna make the list at least spell it right. - SionicRelations

I died at that part.

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14 Lamby Lamby Dance
15 Mabel doesn't given journal to Bill, realizes that Dipper sacrifices so much for her

Dipper would. This moment shows when Mabel realizes she's been a jerk and that Dipper loves her enough to sacrifice "everything he's worked for just for a *dumb* sibling."

"Dipper would." -Mabel Pines

So sweet and it has bill

16 Pacifica and Dipper hug, sparking a fandom!

I love this shipping now! Curse you!

I don't like this ship

17 Dipper and Mabel relive bad and good moments from their childhood

This also showed how much Dipper loves Mabel and shows how he'll help her, even when reality sucks.

Sweetest thing ever

18 Dipper fights Gideon

Best moment in Gravity Falls, Gideon has been annoying since day one and loved watching Dipper kick has ass!

"Without the journal... you're nothing! "
-Gideon, before getting his ass kicked by Dipper in the robot and getting arrested - ethanmeinster

19 Mabel Gets High on Smile Dip

How many did you have? "

There's two of these...



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20 Blendin Blandin (Bill) tricking Mabel to get the riff

"At last! At long long last! "

21 When Mabel runs away from Dipper

This is my favorite moment because it tells you that nothing is perfect and sometimes everyone is against you.

A heartbreaking moment, and a great start to the...


22 Wendy and Dipper talk it out

I felt bad for Dipper though.


23 When Stan said “Hot belgian waffles! wait, I'm alone. I can swear for real! son of a......"

Heh heh heh


24 Bills Friends

This is the most fabulous thing Weirdmageddon has to offer. Hands down.

Bill: Now meet the gang of inter-dimensional criminals and nightmares I call my friends! 8-ball! Cryptos! The being who's name must never be said! Oh what the heck, its Santhar! And of course there's also Teeth, keyhole, Hectorgan, Amorphis-shape, Peronica, Pacifier, and these guys! This is our town now boys! *Monsters all start LOLing.*

Tyler: Now see here you unholy triangle fellow! As mayor, I strongly urge you to get... get on out of here!

Grenda: We don't like out of towners!

Manly Dan: WE PUNCH WHAT WE don't UNDERSTAND! *Punches mailbox*(I felt so srry for that poor,innocent mailbox...)

25 Dipper's I'm A Disco Girl!

Don't COME IN don't COME IN!

Disco girl,coming through, that girl is you.😁

26 Dipper's speech to Mabel

Why is this last on the list?! THIS IS AMAZING! Dipper reminds Mabel that they will grow up TOGETHER. Divided we fall, united we stand.

27 Bill Ciphers first appearance

That was just awesome

28 Soos makes his time wish.

So emotional, yet quite funny. It was this episode that got my 43 year old mom to love this show.

29 When Dipper and Ford are playing Dungeons

"Alright, you've entered the chamber. Princess Unattainabelle beckons you. But wait, it's a trap! "

That is som nerd power right thare yay I'm not alon

30 When Wendy as a toddler says she has a crush on Dipper


*BEgins singing, "WE are meant to be" from Tangled*

That shows that they are meant

That was super cool too bad there not the same age...wait...if dipper was 15 and wendy was 17...that's only 2 years appart THAT COULD WORK

31 Stanley versus Stanford

So many epic lines was said here.

Stanford: "I'm selfish? I'm selfish, Stanley? How could you say that after costing my dream school?! I'm giving you the chance to do the first worth while thing in your life, and you won't even listen! "

Stanley: "Some brother you turned out to be. You care more about your dumb mysteries than your family... Well then you can have them! "

32 Stan vs Zombies
33 Physical Form Scene


Even cooler in the promo, as he says "For one million years I've trapped in my decaying dimension! PHYSICAL FORM? DO MIND IF DO! "

34 Dipifica Pairing

It all started with the hug in Northwest Mansion Mystery.
So cute. They are meant to be.

35 Dipper and Mabel finding Stan’s fake IDs and the newspaper cutting of his death in a car-crash

The scene was so well done. The ‘Stan Pines dead’ article was real shocking

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