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21 I Can Buy and Sell You Old Man! - Gideon

Gideon's dad: Fair enough - Truly

I honestly think that Gideon is the most stupidest character besides mcgucket. I wish he would get over Mabel. Two words Gideon. MOVE ON.

Fair enough- bud. Wait, what?

I put this on loop😂

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22 Calendars, mugs, t-shirts, and more! They've got it all at the copier store! That's not their slogan...I just really feel that way about the copier store. - Soos

Also the Mystery Shack's slogan is "No Refunds"! LOL

Best Soos quote ever!


23 I'm Legalizing Everything - Mabel

The are funny I will download the whole series on my tablet

Do it Mabel! Legalize Smile Dip!

Mabel is my most favorite character. She is so ful of life


24 You know studies say that a ladder is more dangerous than a loaded gun. That's why I own ten guns. In case some maniac tries to sneak in a ladder! - Stan V 3 Comments
25 Yay! Grass! - Mabel V 2 Comments
26 You're scared. Of growing up. And who could blame you; I'm scared, too. - Dipper

Why doesn't anyone like this.

This was rly a touching scene. Dipper and Mabel really care about each other

Aren't we all? - AnonymousChick

Dumb so dumb

27 This party never stops. Time is dead and meaning has no meaning. Existence is upside-down and I reign supreme. Welcome, one and all, to weirdmageddon! - Bill Cipher

This quote just pumps you up for the finale, and it's pretty damn epic. I love it.

I agree, if they had not put that quote in the finale, I most likely would have changed the channel...

*Passes out* Was I the only person who died when Bill said "Welcome to Weirdmageddon"?

I just love random that doesn't make sense

And Bill.



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28 Okay, so I was just opening random doors - because I'm a creep - Mabel V 3 Comments
29 That's just my face. This is a mask. Roar! - Toby V 1 Comment
30 Grunkle Stan, I trust you - Mabel

This quote shows Trust to your friends or family even if they've done bad things in the past

Honestly this should be much higher on this list.

Trust him! Dipper is smart, but he doesn't understand! - AnonymousChick

This changed the entire outcome of the series. - Minecraftcrazy530

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31 My friend thinks you're cute. - Tambry

Okay this scene was trippy. Like fist to stomach trippy.

So, like, does she really like Dipper, in the present?

What if it was Wendy actually talking to him in weirdmaggedon 2. Don't you wanther. You kiss a pillow with her face on it

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32 Princess Unattainable beckons you - Ford

This should be so much higher on the list, I mean this is my favorite quote from that entire episode.

Who's your favorite Disney Princess? The author of the journals. Princess Unattainable.

Best thing, ever. Except for "Grammar Stanley"

This legit became a meme. It should definitely be higher up on the list!

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33 Dipper: You're laughing at frequencies only dogs should hear. V 1 Comment
34 The future is in the past. Onwards Aoshima! - Mabel

I think the scene in action was more famous than the actual quote...

Onwards Aoshima!

Oshima will remain in our hearts


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35 Human Soda, I'm Gonna Drink It Like A Person - Bill

It only works if your looking at a pic of Bipper pouring Pitt cola in his eyes

Me trying to fit in with society. - AnonymousChick

*pours soda in eyes* HAHAH. HAHAGUGWWGAAHHAHAA

36 Bill Cipher: You guys are smarter than you look. Especially the fat one.

Oy! Soos is specially smart in his own way

They are kind of smart but not as smart as Bill cypher

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37 So this is how the world ends. Not with a bang but with more of a beep-boop - Ford

That sounds like something Soos would say.

Is ford soos when he says this

This is one of the best!

I love it

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38 I am the god of destruction! - Mabel
39 The author of the journals. My brother. - Grunkle Stan V 4 Comments
40 We put the fun in no refund - Stan

That should be nearly every stores slogan.

This should be in the top 5. I love this quote

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1. Homework Is Whack and So Are Rules Tucking In Your Shirts for Fools - Rapper
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