Top Ten Gravity Falls Season 1 Episodes

I'm going over my top ten episodes of season 1 of Gravity Falls!
Remember this is MY opinion so don't get mad if you don't agree!

The Top Ten

1 Dreamscaperers

This episode was two times amazing. We saw a new demon named Bill! They go inside stans brain! It was just really fantastic and at the end Gideon took over the shack and there was a to be continued at the end! It was just really really really amazing!

I couldn't believe this, it was wonderful!

Dreamscaperers? Awesome! It was really great how they introduce a new amazing dream demon (Bill Cipher)! I love that how this episode takes a real amazing action! =D

I love this episode - legendary

2 Land Before Swine

This episode was amazing cause there's dinosaurs in Gravity Falls. It had a great plot and overall it was just amazing!

3 Double Dipper

This episode was okay to. It needed a couple of fixes but it was cool so I'm okay with that.

4 The Legend of the Gobblewonker

This episode was okay. It wasn't the best. But as far as I know its in my top ten list.

Good 7th.

5 Little Dipper

This episode was great. I loved how they found a way escape. There's amazing jokes and Soos was funny to! This episode overall was great.

This seems to be Alex Hirsh's (producer) favorite episode. It was inspired by his own twin jealousy as a child with his sister Ariel. This episode has the least views and deserves much more, while dreamscapers and Gideon rises were action packed and great (I agree), Alex seems proud of this episode and I think it dealt with a really... Real situation I heavily related to. Nice one!

6 Gideon Rises

This episode was amazing! Dipper and Mabel saves the mystery shack! There's a great battle and it has some action in it to! This episode ended with a HUGE mystery. Overall this episode was amazing!

7 The Inconveniencing

This episode was short but really cool. Ghost haunt them and Dipper had to do this funny dance. There's some romance and action! This episode was amazing!

One of my all time favorite episodes from gravity falls. - Minecraftcrazy530

8 Summerween
9 Headhunters

This episode was okay to great. It was a great mystery and it was such a mystery the first time you see it!

Best episode in my opinion

10 The Hand That Rocks the Mabel

This episode was okay to great. We got to see a new character. He turns to be evil. I just loved the part when they jumped of the window!

The Contenders

11 Tourist Trapped

This episode started up a amazing series. But this episode was okay. I loved it the first time but now its old and boring but never forget those gnomes!

12 Fight Fighters
13 Boss Mabel
14 Carpet Diem

One of the funniest episodes of the series

15 The Time Traveler's Pig
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