Best Gravity Falls Songs

I wanted to make a top Gravity Falls songs list for so long and now I've decided to make it so just go on voting.
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1 Theme Song

There’s something more to this
That we have missed
Things around here are suspicious
Who can we put our trust in?
What have they all been hiding?
Secrets that lie in shadow
How much do they all know?
A place so full of mystery
Is just a puzzle to be solved
(Actual lyrics)

Who doesn't know the theme song? It's pretty awesome. And I think the first cartoon/show whose theme has no lyrics (I think...not sure).

I could write my work to this.

Does wierdmaggedon count

2 Taking Over Midnight

Oh oh! Girls do what we like
Oh oh! We're taking over tonight

Don't worry, daddy, I've got my favorite dress on

I love this!
Oh oh! We're taking over tonight!

3 Lamby Lamby Dance

Well... who wants a lamby, lamby, lamby?
I do! I do!
So, go up and greet your mammy, mammy, mammy
Hi there! Hi there!
So march, march, march around the daisies,
Don't, don't, don't you forget about the baaaaby!

Who wants a lamby lamby lamby? I do, I do! wink

I like this song

4 Disco Girl

Coming through
That girl is you
Ooh oooh, ooh oooh!

Disco girl!
Coming through!
That girl is you!
Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh!

5 Widdle Ol Me

Who knew a villain song could be so catchy and innocent?

Loved this song

This song is so...

The only villain song, and it's so adorable ^^
Except when he made everyone stand,that was creepy

6 Cash Money

In the car with the honeys

7 It'll Be This Way Forever

Sev'ral Times did a good job

8 Goat and the Pig

Love so strong, love so big, such a beautiful ♡

Goat and a pig LOL

9 Stan Wrong Song

I'm Stan and I was wrong
I'm singing the Stan Wrong Song
I shouldn't have taken that chance
Now here's my remorseful dance


10 Straight Blanchin'

Blanching in this case means to boil vegetables until they lose their flavor.

Eat your own pants

The Contenders
11 We'll Meet Again!

We'll meet again
Don't know where
Don't know when
But I know we'll meet again some sunny day

This is one of the best songs on gravity falls if you ask me!

Bill Is best singer

Bill is best boi

12 We Control the Balls
13 Don't Stop Unbelieving

Don't start un-believing
Never don't not feel your feelings

14 Mabel's Puppet Song
15 It's Gonna Get Weird (Unused)
16 Working 9 to 5

This song existed WAY before Gravity Falls.

17 Inconveniencing 80s Horror

For people that don't know, it's the tune that plays while in the haunted store.

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