Best Gravity Falls Songs

I wanted to make a top Gravity Falls songs list for so long and now I've decided to make it so just go on voting.

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1 Theme Song

Very catchy!

I could write my work to this.

Obviously this

Does wierdmaggedon count - legendary

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2 Taking Over Midnight

Don't worry, daddy, I've got my favorite dress on - WhiteSprinkle

Oh oh! Girls do what we like
Oh oh! We're taking over tonight

I love this!
Oh oh! We're taking over tonight!

3 Lamby Lamby Dance

I like this song

Who wants a lamby lamby lamby? I do, I do! wink - WhiteSprinkle

4 Widdle Ol Me

Loved this song

Who knew a villain song could be so catchy and innocent?

This song is so...

Widdle old Gideon.
Wait, "old"?!?! - WhiteSprinkle

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5 Disco Girl

Coming through
That girl is you
Ooh oooh, ooh oooh! - WhiteSprinkle

6 Cash Money

In the car with the honeys - WhiteSprinkle


7 It'll Be This Way Forever

Sev'ral Times did a good job - WhiteSprinkle

8 Goat and the Pig

Goat and a pig LOL

Love so strong, love so big, such a beautiful ♡ - WhiteSprinkle

9 Stan Wrong Song

I'm Stan and I was wrong
I'm singing the Stan Wrong Song
I shouldn't have taken that chance
Now here's my remorseful dance

DO THE KICKS - WhiteSprinkle

10 Straight Blanchin'

Blanching in this case means to boil vegetables until they lose their flavor.

Eat your own pants - WhiteSprinkle

The Contenders

11 We'll Meet Again!

Bill is best boi

This is one of the best songs on gravity falls if you ask me!

Bill Is best singer

I love this song I played it over and over again and then showed to my mom and brother!
And memorized the lyrics
“We’ll meet again don't know where don't know when I know we’ll meet again some sunny day! ”

12 We Control the Balls
13 Don't Stop Unbelieving
14 Mabel's Puppet Song
15 Working 9 to 5

This song existed WAY before Gravity Falls.


16 Inconveniencing 80s Horror

For people that don't know, it's the tune that plays while in the haunted store. - shawnmccaul22

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