Top 10 Great Disney Movies That a Lot of People Have Never Seen

A sequel to my list "Top 10 Great Movies and TV Shows That a Lot of People Don't Like for Some Reason", this time focusing on great Disney movies that more people need to see.

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1 Oliver & Company

Haven't seen this movie? Why should you worry? Tell me, why should you care? Well, because it's a great movie and you're not getting any younger so watch it. - BKAllmighty

! This movie is great! Oliver is so cute as well.

I've seen every film on this list... and everyone I know has seen the parent trap. One many people haven't seen is candleshoe with Jodie Foster. I'll just add that on now...

I always hated this one - HYDRAflash

2 The Rescuers

I haven't seen it! It's now on my must-watch movie list. - Swiftdawn

Yeah the late 90's/early 00's reprints are good but never-seen, the original theater/VHS release caused controversy for having a topless women, Replaced with a black window in later reprints on VHS/DVD/Blu-Ray Releases. - Maddox121

I love this movie! :D

3 The Fox and the Hound

I love this movie it’s a classic

I like this movie. A lot of people have never seen it.

I have not yet seen this movie, but I'd like to.

My brother lives this movie. This movie isn't my style though...

4 The Great Mouse Detective

Loved this one when I was little!

5 The Aristocats

Great movie. I certainly want to be a cat. - Swiftdawn

I'm a cat person so guess if I like this movie...

Everybody wants to be a cat. - BKAllmighty

Amazing movie

6 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Oh, this movie is adorable! I love the part when Sassy comes back after being swept away by the river and lost, and she and Shadow have their little reunion. It's so sweet! - Swiftdawn

I have this on DVD at my house it's funny on the part where chance's owners father tells chance's owner he found chance sassy and shadow (by the way chance's owner is a little boy named jamie) and then jamie said, yay! and he was holding a giant pumpkin and when he said yay, he dropped the pumpkin on the floor and it smashed and he laughed and laughed and I did too.

My grandfather got my sister and I this movie when we were younger, I love it! It'll pull at your heartstrings. Definatelly recommanded for those of you who haven't seen it, and it you like it enough there's a sequel that's pretty good too!

7 Gordy

Seen it

Never heard of it


8 The Sword In the Stone

If you can get past the fact that the main character, Arthur, is voiced by 3 completely different voices at different times in the film, you'll likely enjoy this charming little movie. The dueling scene is absolutely classic. - BKAllmighty

The sword in the crap

9 Treasure Planet

Best Animation in a movie I've ever seen, decently funny, great characters/character development, the story arc between jim and his father and his father figure to be during the movie is great. in my opinion this is the best disney movie ever made and none will ever quite match it but that's just me, at least give it a watch it is extremely underrated and an extremely hidden gem with it's main problem being the robot that shows up late in the movie. 10/10 (Personal Rating) 9/10 Overall Rating for people who may not be as willing to accept the movies issues.

I've never seen this one, but after seeing it this high on the list, I kinda feel sorry. I'd like to at least try it.

Another one I remember seeing in theatres as a kid. Loved it then, love it now. - BKAllmighty

Man I remember watching this movie

10 Robin Hood

This one is a true classic, and its influences are prevalent in popular culture. Watch it more.

I don't like this movie. Not the movie that would be in my, 'Movies to watch when I'm bored' list. My opinion...

I never watched this one as a child. One of the few Disney films that I missed out on. - BKAllmighty

My dad's favourite! An animal version of a popular story… so imaginative.


The Contenders

11 Beauty and the Beast (2017)
12 The Princess and the Frog
13 The Parent Trap (1998)

It's actually a great movie! - Swiftdawn

I've watch d it. It's actually pretty interesting. 8/10 - AlphaQ

14 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I am glad to see this one here. It's kind of darker for Disney to make a film like this but it's absolutely stunning. - BKAllmighty

This one is the best. - Anonymousxcxc

This movie is great!


15 The Rescuers Down Under

It's practically ignored whenever the topic of the Disney Renaissance comes up, for some reason. It's a wonderful film! And Disney's first theatrically-released animated sequel. - BKAllmighty

This was and still is one of my favorites. Definitely underrated!

16 Brother Bear

I think this was one of the first Disney movies I've watched! Dang, it's been a LONG time. - Luxam

A seriously underrared Disney film. People gave it a lot of hate for ripping off The Lion King but I, honestly, do not see the resemblance at all. The comparison was never noticed by me as a child. - BKAllmighty

17 Frozen

Actually, like 100 billion people has seen this! Brother Bear below, I haven't even seen at all! Why is this movie even in here! People that hasn't watched this knows the song too! Hello? Anybody listening to me?

Does this really fit this category? Sorry, but many, MANY people have seen this movie - Knucklewood

Lol a lot of people seen this movie.I can tell because of my school and the store.

Nearly everyone has seen this atrocity. I mean hasn't everyone seen this garbage. If not then you're lucky. - AlphaQ

18 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

This one has been one of my favourite Disney movies ever since it first arrived in theatres. - BKAllmighty

Awesome movie

19 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

The most beloved animated film from Disney's package film era of the 40's and a must-see. - BKAllmighty

Make it higher! - Maddox121

20 The Little Mermaid

No, I'm pretty sure this is one of the most commonly known Disney movies actually. - Swiftdawn

21 Fun and Fancy Free

This one I actually haven't heard of. - Luxam

22 Song of the South

This movie is racist, so you can't see it because it's locked in the Disney Vault

23 Flubber

This used to be my favorite film. - shawnmccaul22

24 Brave
25 Saving Mr. Banks
26 Old Yeller
27 Mulan

Commonly liked and known along with The Little Mermaid. - Swiftdawn

28 Mary Poppins
29 The Emperor's New Groove
30 Bolt
31 The Three Caballeros
32 Candleshoe

I don't know anyone but me that's seen this :D I said I'd put it on!

33 The Black Cauldron
34 Teacher's Pet
35 Flight of the Navigator
36 Zootopia

Very liked and lots of people know it. - Swiftdawn

37 Angels in the Outfield
38 101 Dalmatians (1996)

Sorry that I spelled villain wrong! That's what happens when you type fast, I guess. - Swiftdawn

I love it! Great villian - Swiftdawn

39 Holes
40 Pocahontas

A lot of people like and know it. - Swiftdawn

41 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
42 Hercules
43 102 Dalmatians
44 A Bug's Life

A Bugs Life? More like A Thugs Life. Get it? *laughs* BWAHAHAAHA - AlphaQ

45 Chicken Little
46 National Treasure
47 Maleficent

Such a beautiful movie. - Swiftdawn

48 Beverly Hills Chihuahua
49 Bedknobs and Broomsticks
50 Pete's Dragon
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