Top 10 Best Ideas for an Animated Television Series

Here are some ideas for an animated television series, that I find good. Some are a spin-off from or based on something.
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1 Another Snow Queen In Frozen Who Is Entirely Wicked Like the Titular Original Snow Queen Herself
2 British Animated Cartoon Version of Harry Potter
3 Deadpool: The Animated Series

It could be even more popular than batman the animated series.

Cancelled after one episode.

4 Elfen Lied Kaede's father and mother's fates

Man, Lynn could've at least revealed the whole entire fate of Lucy's father himself back then before but no instead she just had to kept the revelation from us anyway.

I work like to know about that.

5 Elsa's Kingdom

I'm one of the few people left in the world that has not decided they hate "Frozen", but I'm having difficulty seeing just where they'd go with this.

6 Eugene's Parents' Fate
7 Fate of Elfen Lied Kaede's Father
8 Flynn Rider's Parents' Fates
9 Wreck-it Ralph: The Series

As long as it focused on the Disney-created characters. If you want Mario characters, Sonic characters, or even Pac-Man or Q-Bert, they all already have their own series (multiple in the case of Mario and Sonic).

Either that or at least an "Adventures in Sugar Rush" or something like that. After all, there is a spin-off book that takes place in "Sugar Rush".

The sequel should have been replaced by this. I would have much preferred it.

If Jetix came back, they would give Wreck-it Ralph the green-light as a television series.

10 Dakota and Zoey

Remember when Dakota said that she's gonna be the biggest thing ever? Well, I decided that she should share her popularity with het BFF, Zoey. What if, Dakota and Zoey from the Total Drama series had their own spin-off teen sitcom parody series?

Dakota and Zoey are so cute. If the WB Television Network came back to television, Dakota and Zoey's spin-off flash animated series should air on the WB.

The Contenders
11 Frozen

Knowing Dicksey(no typo because Disney are dickheads), they would make this for only one reason, money. Disney is the Wario(Super Mario character) of media companies.

12 Lego: The Animated Series

The Lego Movie: The Series actually exists in the form of Unikitty.

13 Big Hero 6: The Animated Series

Good idea! Of course I'm here after the show already started, but the one thing that I don't like about it is the animation style. If the animation style was a bit smoother, and maybe a little different it'll be fine. But the show is looking' good!

If Big Hero 6 was a box office success, then it should get a T.V. show too.

You got your wish. A BH6 has indeed been announced and confirmed for the 2017 T.V. season.

It actually is gonna happen.

14 Ice Age: The Animated Series

If Fox Kids came back, Ice Age would become a new animated series.

I love these movies and I have waited since dawn of the dinosaurs for this

This will never happen

15 Team Fortress 2

This might be a little redundant considering the sheer number of these types of videos that is already on the Internet, but it'd still be awesome regardless.

16 Lakewood Plaza Turbo

If Cartoon Network isn't giving Lakewood Plaza Turbo the green-light, why not Kids' WB!?

17 My Science Fiction Project

It would actually be a good idea for My Science Fiction Project to get a show on Kids' WB!

18 The Modifyers

This show have potential. Why they reject it because there porn parody about it?

I want this show to save Disney Channel.

I love the Modifyers so much.

19 Guardians of the Galaxy: The Series

Marvel (owned by Disney) is currently doing a upcoming animated cartoon based off the feature film of the same name this year.

20 Zootopia: The Animated Series
21 Harry Potter: The Next Generation

I think that if this was based off the final years of Hogwarts and the next few years up till HP was born. That way the drama would be mainly around the The First Great Wizarding War and it could answer some questions that have been left unanswered, I feel like that would be the best way to approach the Marauders Era.

22 Mario X
23 SMG4 Remake

To be honest, SMG4's videos really do need a remake.

24 Cave Story
25 Earthworm Jim: The Next Generation

Universal Studios owns Earthworm Jim, right? So, why don't they make another Earthworm Jim television series?

I want more Earthworm Jim!

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