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81 Inuyasha's Maternal Human Ancestors and Paternal Demon Ancestors
82 The Idea of Ranma Being a Half Demon With a Human Mother Nodoko Youngest or Younger Paternal Half Brother of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru

Nodoka's hair should've been black like Izayoi's, Ranma's and Human Inuyasha's instead of brown. Nodoka's and Izayoi's eyes are both brown so Ranma deserves to be portrayed as another half demon son of InuTaisho the way Nodoka deserves to be another human mate of InuTaisho, the other/another younger/the youngest half brother of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, a full boy instead of a cross dressing half boy and half girl so I like the idea of Ranma, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru being portrayed all paternal half brothers with the same biological father and three different mothers.

83 Ranma's Curse Is Finally Broken and He's a Full Boy Again Now
84 The Alternative Idea of Kagome and Kikyo Being Identical Twin Sisters
85 How Many Brothers Does Rin Really, Entirely Have On Her Own So Far
86 Sango and Marik Ishtar
87 Kirara and Buyo Finally Meet at Last, Become Fast Friends Before Mates
88 The Alternative Idea of Yugi and Atem Being Portrayed As Twin Brothers
89 Marik's Egyptian Past Counterpart Incarnation
90 Shampoo's Great Grandfather
91 Fate of Mrs. Kuonji, Ukyo's Mother
92 Fate of Sango's Mother and Her Grandmother
93 Eugene's Parents' Fate
94 Reasons Why Dana Cruz Is Negative, Cranky, Snobbish, Stubborn, Bossy
95 Soun Tendo and Genma Saotome Finally Admit Their Mistakes and Take Responsibilities for Their Mistakes
96 Derek's Father and Odette's Mother In Swan Princess

They deserved to be shown too.

97 Kagome and Kikyo Deserve Someone Better Than Inuyasha
98 Mr. and Mrs. Ayanami, Rei's Parents
99 Kikyo Was Revived Back from the Dead As Flesh and Blood
100 Kikyo Being Alive In Kagom's Time World

The Threads Of Fate by inurinsama15 is entirely the most likable Inuyasha story so far and somebody just had to delete it.

The Threads Of Fate by inurinsama was a likable Inuyasha story so far and It never ever even deserved to be deleted it.

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