Top 10 Great Things About the Netherlands Other Than Drugs

Usually the Netherlands is only known for it's weed and other drugs but there are so many other great things about this small country.

English is not my native language so my appologies is my English is a bit off.

This are a few things about the netherlands which do not include weed, drugs or whores.

The Top Ten

1 Over 50% Are Atheist

Since 2015 the Netherlands is in the top ten countries with more atheists than theists. - DUTCHlioness

2 Best DJ'S In the World

The Netherlands has some of the best dj's in the world. For example Armin van Buuren and dj tiesto. - DUTCHlioness

3 The People Are Straight to the Point

Dutch people are straight to the point. They don't dance around the issue. If something sucks, it sucks. They tell you their opinion. Other people find the dutch usually rude but that's the way they are. - DUTCHlioness

4 It is a Flat Country

There are no mountains in the Netherlands so you can go from point a to b very easily. Mountains are beautifull to watch but being able to to go to your destenation without having to go around a mountain beats that. - DUTCHlioness

5 Gay Marriage Has Been Allowed Since 2001

The Netherlands is the first country in the world to allow gay marriage - DUTCHlioness

6 87% of the Dutch People Speak English While 97% Speak at Least One Other Language Like German, French or Frisian.

The Netherlands are well known for this fact. Almost everyone is able to speak English to a understandable degree. - DUTCHlioness

7 It is a Bicycle-Friendly Country

The Netherlands is home to more bikes than people. The country considered the most safe place to rid your bycicle because the whole country has special roads for bycicles. - DUTCHlioness

8 Dutch Artists Are World Famous

Everyone has heard of vincent van gogh, Vermeer or Rembrandt van rijn.

Also the stijl originated from the Netherlands - DUTCHlioness

9 Orange Carrots Come from the Netherlands

If you think about carrots you think about orange. Carrot growers developed the orange carrot in the 16th century through carefull breeding of existing that time carrots were a range of colours, from pale yellow to purple. - DUTCHlioness

10 CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays Were Invented In the Netherlands

Cd's, dvd's and blue ray were invented in 1978 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands by philips which is a major dutch company. - DUTCHlioness

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