Ten Great Things About Wii U that Nintendo Switch Doesn't Have

Generally, I think the Nintendo Switch is better than Wii U for many obvious reasons, but there's also the flawed side of the-- Let's take a look at it:

And yes, this my first list made on my new account.

The Top Ten

1 Supporting more than 100 Miis
2 Gameplay functionality that requires both Gamepad and TV at once
3 Hundreds of Great Games that will stay on Wii U unportedly
4 Several Social Media Apps
5 Several Virtual Consoles
6 Wii Games Playable
7 Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Product Image

Smash bros ultimate is on the switch - trains45

Smash for wii u has things that ultimate doesn't have like custom moves

1. That's smash bros on the 3DS
2. There's Smash bros Ultimate - B1ueNew

Whoever put this on the list, HEY! Give it a break! There will eventually be a Smash Bros. for Switch! Just give it a break!

8 Cameras
9 Original Games
10 Cheap Nintendo eShop items

The Contenders

11 Predector's Backward Compatibility

Yeah it cool I can play wii games on the wii u - trains45

12 Internet Browser

Wii U: 1 Switch: 0.

Other modern consoles have them. Why not the switch? This was a major downgrade Nintendo.

13 Having Menu music
14 Star Fox Zero Star Fox Zero Product Image
15 Free Online Service

The Wii U's online play is free! Just connect to the internet and done! - B1ueNew

16 Netflix Netflix Product Image
17 Super Mario 3D World Super Mario 3D World Product Image
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