Ten Great Things About Wii U that Nintendo Switch Doesn't Have

Generally, I think the Nintendo Switch is better than Wii U for many obvious reasons, but there's also the flawed side of the-- Let's take a look at it:

And yes, this my first list made on my new account.

The Top Ten Ten Great Things About Wii U that Nintendo Switch Doesn't Have

1 Supporting more than 100 Miis
2 Gameplay functionality that requires both Gamepad and TV at once
3 Hundreds of Great Games that will stay on Wii U unportedly
4 Several Social Media Apps
5 Several Virtual Consoles
6 Wii Games Playable
7 Super Smash Bros.

Smash bros ultimate is on the switch - trains45

Smash for wii u has things that ultimate doesn't have like custom moves

1. That's smash bros on the 3DS
2. There's Smash bros Ultimate - B1ueNew

Whoever put this on the list, HEY! Give it a break! There will eventually be a Smash Bros. for Switch! Just give it a break!

8 Cameras
9 Original Games
10 Cheap Nintendo eShop items

The Contenders

11 Predector's Backward Compatibility

Yeah it cool I can play wii games on the wii u - trains45

12 Internet Browser

Wii U: 1 Switch: 0.

Other modern consoles have them. Why not the switch? This was a major downgrade Nintendo.

13 Having Menu music
14 Star Fox Zero
15 Free Online Service

The Wii U's online play is free! Just connect to the internet and done! - B1ueNew

16 Netflix
17 Super Mario 3D World
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