Great Yogurt Topping Ideas


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1 Baby Puffs

Its weird but baby puffs taste good in yogurt, with being small and low in calories there perfect to eat and even if it's a little weird its worth trying - ryleighbug

2 Mini Pretzels

Mini pretzels or pretzel sticks taste great in yogurt and it can be healthy-ish. - ryleighbug

3 Toast or Bread

Its not all that bad, toast tastes great dipped in yogurt and its much more healthy for you than butter. bread does taste good to but toast is much more fun. - ryleighbug

4 Fruits

While a lot of yogurts already have fruit in them its still fun to add fruit to it for more flavor or color. - ryleighbug

5 Animal Crackers

Plain animal crackers are yummy and fun to eat and go great with yogurt on the side and while they may not be the most healthy add in, they are better than some other things. - ryleighbug

6 Cereal

Cereal makes a great add in with so many flavors to choose from it can be a lot of fun and honey nut cheerios are one of the best to add in. - ryleighbug

7 Granola

Granola goes great with yogurt and it can be healthy in moderation. - ryleighbug

8 Cookies

Like with ice cream, cookies go great in yogurt and the most popular is oreo but you can mix it up with whatever you want. - ryleighbug

9 Candy

Some candies go with yogurt pretty well like with ice cream, some of the best are m & m's, skittles, gummy bears, starburst and so on. - ryleighbug

10 Jelly

Jelly can be a sweet add in to your yogurt and while its not the greatest for you its still yummy and there's lots of flavors to choose from. - ryleighbug

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