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261 Baltimora

Their single Tarzan Boy caused a storm around all around the world and made them an overnight sensation

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262 Styx

My generation would agree Styx is among the best in their era. Dennis De Young and Tommy Shaw are great musician. Their songs are meaningful. Styx must be among the top ten

Why is this below skid Row?! Sure Youth gone Wild was good, but Styx released tons of hits!

Great song and one of the best live shows around. Saw them in early 80's and again 2015 - even better. Should be in 10 top

For sure most of thers songs I could listen to all day I saw them in 2017 absolutely amazing

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263 Kajagoogoo

Very underrated band when actually their sound was much better than most of 80s bands that are still on stage

White feathers was technologically far more advanced that any other album at the time. And was also great album. After that, something went wrong with them.. unfortunately.

In spite they were considered "a teen band" the way they dealed with instruments was awesome, who used a chapman stick in those days? It s pity the manager destroyed the band

264 Talk Talk

Talk Talk invented whole genres of music. They evolved from synth pop to something profoundly sophisticated and inspiring. Their last three proper studio albums are greater than most of the top releases by many of the bands on here. Spirit of Eden is transcendent. Colour of Spring raised the bar beyond most band's grasp. Portishead, Sigur Ros, Massive Attack, Underworld, Radiohead, Robert Plant, members of Pink Floyd - all bow down to Talk Talk for a reason.

Pop as art. From their commercial early releases to their more introspective records, a band that did influence generations to come.

Define all that is great about 80s music.

Music for "gourmets"

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265 Classix Nouveaux

Sal Solo had one of the most unique voices in pop. Is it a Dream still resonates even now...

Ooh I Love em... and I think that I was the only one who did among my friends...

266 Night Ranger

The fact that Night Ranger is so far down on the list is very disappointing to me.

The MOST underrated band ever. Still around kickin ass today!

Night Ranger is a lot better than these bands ahead of them

So underrated

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267 Skinny Puppy Skinny Puppy Skinny Puppy is a Canadian industrial music group, formed in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1982. The group is widely considered to be one of the founders of the electro-industrial genre.
268 Simple Minds Simple Minds Simple Minds are a Scottish rock band formed in 1977. They achieved commercial success in the 1980s and, despite various personnel changes, continue to record and tour.

Most underrated band... It deserves a lot more

The band who's song was the theme tune to The Breakfast Club 'don't you forget about me' another Great Scottish band along with Big Country

Can't believe how low in the rankings they are.
One of the most creative and innovative bands of their generation.

Mind blowing listen before you play any competitive sport

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269 Madness

Best group in the 80s by a bleeding mile

There's some band called Cinderella at number 30! Never heard of them! MADNESS are THE band of the 80's, National Treasures entertaining the British public since 1979... and still making new albums with all seven original members! LEGENDS

How on earth are Madness this low down the list? Biggest selling singles band of the 80's (and they were only around for just over half the decade! ) - hit after hit after hit - don't think they should be top but they should be well above a lot of the bland MOR/AOR that appears higher in this list

Best band of all time!

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270 The The

I love the the! So good

From alt to dance

271 Salt-N-Pepa Salt-N-Pepa Salt-N-Pepa is an American hip hop trio from Queens, New York. The group, consisting of Cheryl James, Sandra Denton and originally Latoya Hanson, who was replaced by Deidra Roper, was formed in 1985 and was one of the first all-female rap groups.

This group was amazing... "SHOOP" was my favorite song... I'm surprised ya'll haven't put their names on here.

272 Corrosion of Conformity Corrosion of Conformity Corrosion of Conformity is an American heavy metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina formed in 1982. For almost the majority of its existence, the band has consisted of guitarist Woody Weatherman, bassist Mike Dean, drummer Reed Mullin and vocalist and rhythm guitarist Pepper Keenan.
273 The Jesus And Mary Chain The Jesus And Mary Chain The Jesus and Mary Chain are a Scottish alternative rock band formed in East Kilbride in 1983. The band revolves around the songwriting partnership of brothers Jim and William Reid.

Would shed my skin for you...

274 Slowdive Slowdive
275 The Plimsouls
276 Dave's Party

If the tragic live concert shooting had never happened these would have without doubt been the best 80's band ever.

277 New Model Army

Their early career spans the 80's and although labelled controversial by some they're saying it how it is really. Still loving their folk rock melodies.

278 The Waterboys

"Pan Within" is still the sexiest song I have ever listened to in a long, long time!

Best band of the 80s bar none. Their songs of the 80s such as "Whole of The Moon", "Fisherman's Blues" and "Spirit" are musically and lyrically great, and that's just scratching the surface. "Spirit" to me is one of the greatest songs ever, by any band. They avoided becoming commercial - for example, they turned down an offer to perform on UK T.V. on Top of the Pops, because they didn't want to mime. Yet despite not seeking publicity their longevity continues, due to their huge talent.

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279 Britny Fox
280 The Call

The most criminally underrated band... every bit as good as U2. Peter Gabriel called them "the future of American music."

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