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1 Nevermind - Nirvana

One of the most influential bands of all time they deserve #1

2 Ok Computer - Radiohead

Nevermind deserves a spot on the list, but definitely not #1 position. OK Computer was light years ahead of anything else in the 90's. The music was so progressive that it still sounds recent after 20 years. There is a reason why Radiohead continues to play large venues and sell out shows to this day. They are amazing.

How is this not number one... This is the greatest album of the 90's, if not the greatest album of all time. The music takes leaps and bounds through of brilliance; the lyrics capture every element of the human condition.

This album is not number one because of Nevermind and Ten, you'd have to be blind not to see that or just stupid to ask that question like that. - PewPewAssassin

How did Nirvana, a simple grunge band, surpass OK Computer? The musicality of Radiohead is always unreal. The album starts with rock, but falls into slow melodies. And back. The isolated feeling you get is incredible. Deserves #1.

No need to belittle any other of the great albums of the 90's. OK Computer is a mastetrpiece in its own merit; unique and incomparable.

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3 Ten - Pearl Jam

Perfect Album

Honestly every track beats nevermind. Both are incredible. Ten is a legend.

Better than nevermind. Way overshadowed

Better than nevermind

4 Metallica (The Black Album) - Metallica
5 Dookie - Green Day

has many good songs on it no bad ones examples include basket case - the song which made them famous longview welcome to paradise when I come around and she - idolangelx13

Simply amazing. I don't think it's better than Nevermind or Jagged little pill for that matter, but I have to help get it closer to the top 10!
18 is an injustice!

Very important album

so goood!

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6 In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel

This album proved that you don't need a lot of money to make a great album

Very understated Masterpiece

The pet sounds of my time

7 (What's the Story) Morning Glory? - Oasis

Perfect album, just perfect

8 Superunknown - Soundgarden
9 Alice In Chains - Dirt

How is this album not already on this list?! Every song on Dirt is a masterpiece. This album created grunge along with nevermind. It is perfect.

This is my favorite album of all time, but it didn't create grunge, it did help popularize it though.

Best grunge album and best alternative album

10 Rust In Peace - Megadeth

One of the greatest thrash metal albums of ALL TIME. - winner333

Nice album, one of Megadeth's best - Disturbedpotato

Why is this not any higher?!?

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? Cracked Rear View - Hootie & The Blowfish

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11 Pinkerton - Weezer

I have never seen an album as glorious of a cry of pain and despair than Pinkerton. This album wasn't well received when it came out, but it has aged VERY well. It's a timeless record that can evoke catharsis out of the hardest hardass. It is truly magnificent in it's simplicity, and that's the beauty of it. - dlbk03

Weezer is kinda a joke now but during the 90s they were simply amazing and this is by far there best work. raw emotion

Absolutely in the right place

Greatest album of all time

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12 In Utero - Nirvana

Better than Nevermind

This and OK Computer should be way higher. Masterpieces. - Donut

13 Innuendo - Queen

I love this album so much it is insane. So many great songs. The Show... Must Go ON!


14 Blue Album - Weezer

This is much better than Pinkerton, better lyrics, more varied songwriting, better captures the nerd rock image that made weezer unique, an epic closer in Only In Dreams

Sure Pinkerton is better, but as far as impact, Blue deserves to be in the top 5

15 Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Classic 'Chili Peppers album, or the quintessential 'Chili Peppers album. I love it. I'm glad it's in the top 10.

Suck my Kiss, Give it away, Under the Bridge, Breaking The Girl, I could Have lied

Love this! Cover art is awesome too! - PerpendicularSealeo6

Should be higher than 15. - Disturbedpotato

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16 Automatic for the People - R.E.M.

Top of the pile for me, along with OK Computer.

17 Illmatic - Nas

I hope you're kidding, Illmatic this low? This should at least be in the top 2, if not the top 1. This is basically a representation of what music should be. - TheMusicNerd

Its because hip hop wasn't what people voted for first on this list, I guess rock is first to come to mind about the 90s

Should at least be top 10 just for being the greatest Hip Hop album in the 90s and arguably of all time. - MouldyWalrus

Illmatic needs to be higher on this list. Should be number 1. Greatest rap album of all time. The whole track list is great with great songs like NY State of Mind, Life's a B, The World is Yours, Halftime. Memory Lane, One Love, One Time 4 Your Mind, Represent and It Ain't Hard to Tell.

18 Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - Smashing Pumpkins

This is more than just an album, it's the magnum opus of a sad genius. In my opinion it's not only the best album of the nineties, but of all-time.

19 Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine
20 Ready to Die - The Notorious B.I.G.
21 Homogenic - Bjork

This is literally the start of modern pop music


22 Siamese Dream - The Smashing Pumpkins

This album is way too low!

This album is so iconic. ‘Cherub Rock’, couldn’t have picked a better song to start the album. There’s so many hits on this album. Disarm, Today, Mayonaise, Cherub Rock. Even the deep cuts are good. You might think one or two aren’t as great but at the end of the day, the whole album is listenable. Perfect length too. 13 songs. Nice. - Graham

23 Achtung Baby - U2

Why are all the best albums at the bottom of the list? - Donut

The greatest album of the 90s - end of.

WoW, just, WOOW. This should be at least #5

24 Temple of the Dog - Temple of the Dog
25 Different Class - Pulp
26 Check Your Head - Beastie Boys
27 Come On Over - Shania Twain

Best selling album of 90s! Really Great! - Alexandr

28 Vulgar Display of Power - Pantera

On of the most influential metal albums of all time. Created bands like slipknot

Brutal - Disturbedpotato

29 A Woman & A Man - Belinda Carlisle
30 Throwing Copper - Live
31 Schizophonic - Geri Halliwell
32 The Downward Spiral - Nine Inch Nails

Simply the best

Epic work!

33 Natalia Oreiro - Natalia Oreiro
34 Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) - Wu-Tang Clan
35 Erotica - Madonna
36 On a Day Like Today - Bryan Adams
37 Agætis Byrjun - Sigur Rós
38 Ray of Light - Madonna

This album must be in Top3. Every single is the legend - Irina2932

39 Definitely Maybe - Oasis
40 Evil Empire - Rage Against the Machine
41 Loveless - My Bloody Valentine
42 Butterfly - Mariah Carey

Its now like 2 decades old and it is still so relevant that no one can compete.

A Masterpiece

43 Metropolis Pt.2: Scenes from a Memory - Dream Theater

How is this album so low on the list? It's so sad that Dream Theater gets ignored and especially on a list of the 90's albums which in this era they made two masterpieces with this album and Images and Words.
Radiohead's OK Computer is an album that is equal to this one in terms of quality and both of them represent different approaches to progressive music, but I like Dream more because of Petrucci and Portnoy and their amazing skills. - IronMaidenFan666

44 In Sides - Orbital
45 Split - Lush
46 The Woman In Me - Shania Twain
47 The Bends - Radiohead

Classic album.Deserves to be much higher.

48 Aenima - Tool
49 Nightfall In Middle-Earth - Blind Guardian
50 Badmotorfinger - Soundgarden

Pure hard rock, from start to finish.

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