Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight


The performance given by ledger in this film is as monumental and equally contributing towards the overall achievement of the film as Marlon brando in godfather, Robert de niro in raging bull or any other actors or actresses have done respectively, absolutely top class performance

Just like everyone that voted this #1, I agree with them. He was inside his character so well that you couldn't tell that he had ever been anything other than the joker. Most actors bring little quirks and mannerisms to each character and you can sit there and say "Yep that's Brad Pitt right there." Heath Ledger made you forget it was even him.

This role literally consumed him to the point of death. He said interviews he couldn't sleep over the role. He would close his eyes but his mind would be running in overdrive. He trapped himself in a hotel room for an entire month where he communicated with not a single person trying to perfect this role. Greatest acting of all-time.

It annoys me how commercialised Heath Ledger's Joker character became. But there's a reason. I sit and watch The Dark Knight and I cannot-for the life of me...believe that is him playing that role. I am searching for a slip up, so I can see that fellow Aussie guy underneath. But no matter how many times I watch it, you cannot identify that Heath is playing his character, because he does it with such amazing precision, that this will forever be his legacy.

Every time I see this movie I wonder what could've been if Heath Ledger hadn't died. I get the chills because I know there is no better Joker to the Batman, like there is no better Yin to Yang. His acting was so top-notch because he decided to isolate himself from everyone for a month, I mean how many actors would do that for their role? R.I.P you legend.

I have no problem with Heath Ledger being at the top of this list. Can we get a little love for Dustin Hoffman as Raymond Babbitt in Rain Man? Are you seriously telling me that wasn't a top 20 acting performance? Top 40? Top 60? Top 100? I mean--Orlando Bloom was better in Pirates? Surely you can't be serious (I know, I know)

This is the only time I watched a movie and couldn't tell the actor was the actor. He wasn't just acting this part, he made HIMSELF the character. Heath Ledger was amazing in this movie and this is hands down the best acting performance of all time. Jack Nicholson was good but not this good.

This is the greatest acting anyone has ever seen. The Dark Knight is an amazing movie, and in my opinion one of the greatest of all time. But without Heath Ledger I don't know what they would have done. Heath's Joker literally MADE that movie, what a legend.

This is a short summary but I saw on youtube "Heath Ledger Incredible Acting" and that few minute scene for some reason inspired me to start to put MORE effort in my acting (i already do, but I need to PUT myself out there) and get in advanced theatre

Heath Ledger was and will always be the best actor to ever live he immersed himself in his roles and became the character he played especially with Joker.

Miss you

Without a doubt best performance of all time by any actor, Heath Ledger's portrayal of the "Joker" was phenomenal, it surpasses Marlon Brando as The Godfather of Anthony Hopkins in Silemce of the lambs. Heath Ledger you are very much missed but will always be remembered

Made even more iconic by his untimely death, heath ledger set the bar here showing actors everywhere how you truly transform into another character. A feat accomplished by almost no one else.

Fanboy's better get out of here right now, because I don't wanna hear you compare Leto with Ledger, if I can compare this performance with De Niro. Then Leto has no chance, he was good, but no chance.

I Do Think This Film Is A Tad Over Rated, but Not This Performance. No Not Even Close. R.I.P Heath

Oscar-Best Actor In A Supporting Role

I mean, lots of the actors on this list are great, like Jack Nicholson, Daniel day Lewis, Robert de Niro, but heath ledger was amazing has joker! He was perfect!

An outstanding, unexpected performance at the height of his career. RIP I can only imagine what other masterpieces he would have also created if he were still alive - movies101

Every time I watch this movie I'm still blown away by the BRILLIANT acting performance by Heath Ledger. I still can't believe how good it was.

He stole the movie from christian bale he was breathtaking in every scene he was the type of villain you'd root for in the movie

He gave the "Joker" a different dimension. Blew my mind when I saw his performance. Damn, it was amazing!

'The Joker' is the best character in motion picture history. All thanks to the late Heath Ledger. He showed craziness, evil, humor, emotion, sociopathy, anger and believe it or not honesty in the character of the legendary movie.R.I.P Mr. Ledger.

I don't think this was an acting. They are making us fool. Every thing Heath Ledger did was for real but every time he was caught on camera.

The joker is an iconic character, heath ledgers s a legendary one amazing performance all around

The best performance in the history of film.

I might b young - I might not know that well what amazing acting is; but this is quite obvious. I go a lot to the movies. I think I see a lot of great movies that have OK acting in them. When my brother took me to see this, I wasn't really to excited, since it is not rreallymy style. But boy was I surprised. The movie itself was good. Just good though. Heath Ledger thrilled me playing the Joker in the Dark Knight - he also scared me, amazed me and made me want more. So no... I might not know that much about acting; but I sure as hell know this is it looks like now.

You just can't beat this performance in the last decade of films perhaps even ever.