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61 Liam Neeson - Schindler's List
62 Michael Clarke Duncan - The Green Mile
63 Clint Eastwood - Dirty Harry
64 Song Kang-ho - The Throne

The greatest thing about Song is his incredible screen presence. In this role he carries this tragic weight. Just look in his eyes. - SourNote2014

65 Harrison Ford - Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Princess Leia: I love you.

Han Solo: I know.

66 Leonardo DiCaprio - The Wolf of Wall Street
67 Charles Bronson - Once Upon a Time in the West
68 Charlie Sheen - Platoon

The end speech, the war scenes and the Village scenes were all just... He couldn't of done better!

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69 Al Pacino - The Godfather Part II


70 Morgan Freeman - The Shawshank Redemption
71 Jeff Bridges - The Big Lebowski
72 Michael Caine - The Italian Job
73 Tupac Shakur - Juice V 1 Comment
74 Charles Chaplin - The Gold Rush
75 John Wayne - Red River
76 Brad Pitt - Fight Club

Tyler Durden is honestly the Greatest Movie Character ever portrayed. Too bad the world's still doesn't understand Fight Club's worth. Brad Pitt, you were unbelievable & thank you for being Tyler and making us believe the world has a meaning.

Dude, this performance is STELLAR! Such a cult follow. #AllHaill #TylerDurden #Soap #Salesman #FightClub

77 Christian Bale - American Psycho
78 Al Pacino - Dog Day Afternoon

it is the best bank robbery film, but it also has pacinos finest performance along with the godfather movies

79 Robert Downey Jr. - Iron Man
80 Joe Pesci - Goodfellas
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