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In terms of ACTING SKILL, Pacino #1, Johnny Depp #2, De Niro #3, Brad Pitt #4 all of these are almost equal in my opinion, and for people who's gonna laugh of my brad pitt choice, Brad Pitt is one of the best actor I've seen, Some of his movie that he performed acting like crazy: Twelve Monkey (acting like some kind of psychotic), Troy as Achille, Kalifornia as a serial killer, Snatch who is playing a pikey irish that we can hear him talk just barely since he speak so bad ( very funny ), and his top movie in terms of ''ACTING SKILL'' in my opinion is The Assasination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford. In this movie Brad Pitt is playing jesse james role so perfectly, when he know that someone is trying to betray him, you can read in his face that he know, he don't even have to say anything, he just do the acting perfectly. at the table when he start to humiliate Robert Ford at dinner when he ask him to tell him the things he has in common, and when he laugh loud and everything, ...more

Alfredo grew up in a poor family. His father was a peddler Salvatore Pacino and his mother, is Pacino Rose, which made him move to live with his grandmother. During adolescence had been imprisoned for three days on charges of possession of a weapon without a license. Was Alfredo interested in acting from a young age, where he was passionate about the theater, which start where as a stage actor. Resulted in the theater roles distinct aroused the attention of audiences and critics, at the time he wanted to make his way to the cinemaof Violence) at the time was director Francis Ford Coppola is preparing to film (The Godfather - The Godfather), and Alfredo was chosen to play a character (Michael Corleone), leader of the mafia. Alfredo is not then wants to play the role, and was aspiring to get a role in a comedy film for his belief that the public does not like the evil of the lead roles. The but has appeared role of Alfredo talent, and great potential. Then He made two films important ...more - nada2013

Are you serious johny depp on top? Ok he's a good actor but he's not even close to al pacino or jack Nicholson or even daniel day lewis, dustin hoffman. Probably the voters are female teenagers about 15 to 19 years old and the only movies they've seen are pirates of Caribbean or scissorhand. here's some movies girls! Godfaher, scarface, one flew over the cooco's nest, there will be blood, the shinning, kramer vs kramer, you know some good stuff? O kids... - barbararita

Haha, rank Pacino 8? He is and will probably always be the greatest and most versatile actor of all time. His monologues!. And Dog day afternoon.. Devils Advocate.. Serpico.. Godfather 1 and 2.. He is simply the greatest.

I don't know why some people keep including Johnny Depp in greatest actors lists... I have never truly been affected or fascinated by any of his scenes in any film.. Nicholson, Jack Lemmon and Kevin Spacey should also be on this list by the way..

One of the greatest actors in history. He can be the guy you love and the guy that you love to hate! His film career has withstood the test of time. It is filled with diverse screen roles and his tremendous ability to set the screen on fire. If he was younger he would be the only man alive that could honestly pull off being larger than life and believable as Christian Grey. I don't think that there are any other actors alive that will be able to realistically be Christian Grey onscreen. So sad the book wasn't written sooner and for Pacino!

Yeah people on this website must be crazy, never heard of the number one guy but Al Pacino has been an amazing outstanding actor in every movie he's ever done. In Godfather, he outplayed Marlon Brando, in Scent of a Woman he gave the best acting performance ever, and in Scarface he was awesome, he definitely deserves first place.

Simple. The best actor ever. I was actually struggling between hi Johnny Depp or Tom Hanks. Johnny Depp is just a great actor in general, Tom Hanks has never had an out-outstanding performance, but loads of great ones (Apollo 13, Green Mile, Forest Gump... ). But the movie that won my vote for Al Pacino is Scent of a Woman. Greatest movie in history - and an amazing performance from Al Pacino.


While there are many incredible actors that deserve a vote, I always come back to Pacino in terms of the absolute greats. My personal favourite role of his was the Godfather part 2, where he stole the show in every scene he was in and elevated the film to an even higher level than it was already at. Truly a master of his craft.

He's one of the best actors of the godfather my opinion is he should be number one... Lets face it how many people didn't watch that movie maybe a little but I would let my kid to see that movie and I know that they would like it... I play the xbox game till this day if it wasn't for that game I wouldn't even have an old xbox

I never knew that anyone can do such acting when I saw Scent of a Woman, Al you are matchless and unrated I would rather say The God of the Acting, no one would have done that good as you did in Scarface, Godfather.. I think you should not be in the List. You should be one to Judge who is the best actor

It was a toss-up for me between Pacino, De Niro, and Nicholson, but I had to pick Al Pacino. He can take on any role, really. A mafia henchman who rises through the ranks to become Don, an angry Cuban who has everything and then loses it, a cop, etc. There's just nothing this man can't do. - JCMercenary

This is a really tough decision. I had to each either to vote for Al Pacino or Jack Nicholson. I love them both very much. However, I got to say that Al Pacino is a little bit better. To me, he seems more serious than Jack Nicholson. Have you seen the Godfather series? Yep. You can see it.

No disrespect to johnny depp, but come on, number 1 overall and ranked ahead of Al Pacino and Marlon Brando? Brando, 1 and Pacino, 2. Plain and simple, and yes Pacino should be ranked ahead of Deniro. Deniro is an excellent actor but has released a lot of garbage over the last 15 years.

He should be number 1. He is the best actor ever. Don't know why johnny depp is at top. I have seen almost every movie of him and seriously he is the best actor ever. And Robert Deniro should also be among the top 5. Johnny Depp doesn't deserve a place in top 10 according to me.

Al Pacino is simply the best actor of all time. He has redefined acting with movies like The Godfather Trilogy, Serpico, Scarface, Scent of a Woman, And Justice for All, Dog Day Afternoon and Donnie Brasco. He also had a successful career in T.V. (Angels in America, You don't know Jack) and Theatre (The Basic Training of Pavlo Hummel, American Buffalo, Does Tiger wear a Necktie).

Al Pacino is the Greatest Actor Hollywood has ever produced... Just Look at his performances in The Devil's Advocate, Scarface, Godfather trilogy, Scent of a Woman, The Merchant of Venice, Insomnia... and the list goes on and on

The best actor, although repetitive in genre to a certain extent, has entertained global audience and inspired the current generation of actors to a great extent.

Watch godfather 2 & 3, you will never vote for anyone else!

Al Pacino is the greatest actor of all time... You get me someone who can do the speeches and the acting that he pulls off in every single movie he is in... He can act in any role he is given... Best actor in the world!

I am sorry buddies al pacino is always number 1.. You should put him at the first place because everyone knew about his performance in his various film's so, my vote for the first place to THE GREAT Al Pacino.

he is the best and the many people on the world feeling how that he controling in his jup and we can understandiing the three dimention of the story. we are talking about man respect us and doing the best to enjoy and learning

An under-spoken, under-rated actor. He is so very good at what he does. I love to watch him, almost like you can see his character's thinking. He is very transparent and becomes the man he's pretending to be on screen.

A full-blooded Italian portraying a Cuban immigrant/gangster/drug kingpin, and doing so convincingly. I've never once watched Scarface and thought "This is Al Pacino I'm watching right here. " A true chameleon of an actor.

He is the man... should be topping this list... Greatest of all. Nobody can perform better than him specially in Mafia movies... Other than Gangster role... he has performed even better in scent of a woman.

! Al pacino 7th on the list and joseph vijay, tom hiddleston and johnny depp ahead of him. Man you should have seen his his performances in godfather1, 2 scarface, scent of a woman and serpico. He has got nomination for almost every movie