Harrison Ford

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Harrison Ford is an American actor and film producer. He gained worldwide fame for his starring roles as Han Solo in the original Star Wars epic space opera trilogy and the title character of the Indiana Jones film series.


Where do I start, he is the very best! Everyone has heard of Indiana Jones and hans solo! This man has changed my life so much. I can remember some of my early birthday parties dedicated to him. I had at least 4 birthday parties based on him. Indiana Jones was my childhood! The Indiana Jones franchise is still my favourite and he is still in my top 3 actors. He may be getting old but he is still a MAJOR BADASS! His films will always be pure gold. The only reason he is not higher is because the high actors are young and get millions spent on CGI and other things.

The only movies I have seen of Harrison Ford yet is Steven Spielberg Indiana Jones raiders of the lost ark Steven Spielberg Indiana Jones the temple of doom Star Wars episode 4 A New Hope Star Wars episode 5 The Empire Strikes Back Star Wars Episode 6 Return Of The Jedi & the new movie of 2015 Star Wars Episode7 The Force Awakens. Love Diego

Ok so how many famous heros has he played lets see. John Book-witness. Jack Ryan- patriot games and clear and present danger. Eric Deckard-blade Runner. DR. Richard Kimble- the Fugitive. OH yea and INDIANA JONES! AND HE doesn't HAVE AN OSCAR THAT IS ABSURD

He's definitely in my top 10. Too bad Crystal Skull wasn't great, but not a single person on the planet could have played Indiana Jones nor Han Solo better than him. He's arguably the best actor in the entire history of the Star Wars franchise

I can't believe I wasted my vote on Johnny Depp! Star Wars wouldn't be Star Wars without Harrison Ford. When his character was killed off, I seriously cried for like, an hour. Honestly, no one else could pull off playing Han Solo or Indiana Jones. - LeiaSkywalker

Harrison Ford should be number one. He has so much acting experience, he is in a lot of well known movies such as the Star Wars series, the Indians jones series, blade runner and way many more. To top it all off he is just such a great actor

Johnny depp is not the greatest actor Harrison ford is ten times better while his masterpiece the curse of the black pearl was awesome his other movies aren't that great Harrison ford nearly has a flawless track record

He is my favorite actor I am a Indiana Jones/Star Wars FANATIC! This guy should be in the top 10, no, wait the top 5! He is the best! He needs to be in more movies because he rules. Go Harrison!

This is crazy that he isn't number 1 or at least in the top ten. He is the most deserving actor ever look at how many classic roles he has played

Indiana Jones series, Star Wars series, Jack Ryan series, Blade Runner, the Fugitive, Apocalypse Now, Witness, Air Force One, he was even a ware wolf in Anchorman 2 so many great movies!

How is Ford not in the TOP 10? He is like one of the greatest actors of all time! Have you seen the dude act in Indiana Jones and Star Wars? I mean come on man!

WOW 50? What, s wrong with you all Harrison ford should be up there in the top Five. I love The devil, s own brad bit is very good actor snatch good two.

HOW is Harrison Ford 20 on the list?

His acting in Star Wars and Indiana Jones and The Witness is incredible. I have no idea how he isn't in the top 5

Ford was Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan and the President of the United States but he's still underneath Johnny Depp, what man?

The best actor in the universe. He has starred in some of the greatest movie of all time like 4 times Indiana Jones, 4 times in Star Wars, 2 times in Jack Ryan movie and so on. Great actor

No one even tried to mention the man who played Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Hes been in over 50 movies and is still going.

A God amongst men. Nailed Han Solo, and even came back in the sequels and nailed Han Solo again! (Not literally of course, that would be stupid.)

Harrison Ford should definitely be in the top 3, not 20! He was in Star Wars and Indiana Jones! HAN SOLO INDIANA JONES all the way!

Even if just did Star Wars and Indiana Jones he would still be number 1 he is amazing maybe Tom Hanks is better but no else is.

How is Han Solo not in the top 5?! He has that relaxed, witty attitude that makes him perfect for any role. I know he's been in other movies, but since I'm a superfan, I'll always think Han, Chewie, and this piece of garbage, the fastest ship in the galaxy, the MILLENIUM FALCON!

Han Solo and Indiana Jones were his best roles, he's one of the best actors of all time.

I love you so much and u r the best actor of all time and I love your wonk in the Star Wars saga and Indiana Jones movies but it killed me seeing you dye ind Star Wars that just crushed me I mean u can't spell star wars without Harrison Ford! I am your biggest fan!

Harrison Ford was so good in Indiana Jones and Star Wars as Han Solo. He should be higher on these rankings.

Harrison ford should be number 1 or at least in top three, he was Indiana Jones, he was Han Solo. Put him in top 3

He it by far the best actor because he has played so many movies and the best action movie ever STAR WARS!