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Jensen Ross Ackles is an American actor and director. He is mostly known for his role as Dean Winchester on the CW fantasy series Supernatural. He is also known for his roles in television as Eric Brady in Days of Our Lives, which earned him several Daytime Emmy Award nominations, as well as Alec/X5-494 more.


Ackles delivers comedy, tragedy, romance, action and everything in between with equal skill. It has been a joy to watch how much he has grown as an actor over the years. He has the ability to sell the part no matter how questionably it may be written. And, damn, he gets better looking every year too. Tremendous on-screen presence, excellent timing, ability to emote and give a nuanced performance. He's the whole package.

Simply fantastic! No matter what role is thrown his way, he knocks it out of the park every time! I first saw him as Dean Winchester and almost instantly realized that I was watching a phenomenal actor. Now, I've watched shows and movies that I'd have never watched otherwise just to see more of his wonderful performances. He never disappoints and I can't wait to see more of him.

Jensen is so underrated, he can make you laugh, cry, be terrified, and safe all in the same show. Love how he peels back layers in his characters and it is so raw and emotional, that you feel everything right along with him. We as an audience and fans would love to see him on the BIG screen, so the world can be blessed by his talent. But we are so fortunate that he loves what he does on Supernatural, would miss him terribly if we were not able to see him every week. Thank you Jensen, glad that there are still some MEN out there showing other how to be a role model, not just in your profession, but husband and father. Many blessing...Please thank Danneel for sharing you with us!

Jensen Ackles is flawless in acting. When he acts, he makes you forget completely that you are watching a show, a movie or whatever, and he gets you involved with the story and with his character. Not to mention he acts for the sake of it, instead of fame and money. Great actor, great person, always caring with his fans. Will definitely win an Emmy or an Oscar one day, if he works for it.

People tend to just pay attention to his extreme good looks and portray him to be just another pretty boy actor. Pay attention to the passion he puts in each acting roll and how genuine he really is and it will shed new light on your views towards him. He is a phenomenal actor but an even more phenomenal person.

Jensen is a great actor and he does get in to character. He is very talented and deserves to be a little higher on this list then he is right now. I truly do admire him and he has a beautiful family as well and he deserves all the votes that he gets and more.

Jensen Ackles is a very extremely talented Actor who brings Dean Winchester character to life, he's extremely talented Director who gave us five of the best episodes. He even join his friend/brother Jared Padalecki campaign for his #AlwaysKeepFight to bring awareness to depression, he always have his back in on the show and off. He adores his fans takes time to be with them to show us his love, he's very handsome, hot and gorgeous with a smile that makes your day a bright one.

He's amazing at both drama and comedic acting. Not all actors can pull off both. When you watch him in a movie or a T.V. show you forget that he's "acting" and he makes you feel for him. To me that's a sign of an amazingly talented actor.

Funny, talented, gorgeous, camera loves him. He can say complete dialogues with his eyes. He can be a drama actor but also can exploit the comedy area. He is way underestimated. He is PERFECT in every character he plays.

He know just how to express exactly what it should, he makes you cry, smile, shout, jump off the couch and gives you all from him for you to get out there and kick some ass just like he does!

Ever since I've seen Supernatural, I keep discovering more films from him. He's simply amazing, really, there are no words, and he deserves #1 place! - tinabirk

He is the best actor! He deserves much better than he gets! He deserves an Oscar, an Emmy and anything else that's possible to commend his work, but he's underrated and doesn't get quite as much recognition and credit. I pray and wish and hope that someday he gets all the great and glorious rewards he should get.

Jensen has been an amazing actor from the start and he really gets in to character. He deserves more than 78! He brings so much to the table with every film he is in.

Super talented and amazing actor. I want him to be in movies everywhere. Honestly, he's who I see playing my favorite character that I'm writing.

Jensen Ackles is a wonderful talented actor who can take whatever acting challenge thrown at him and make it feel real.

He's an excellent actor who is often overlooked because he's on a sci/fi show on a small television network. He can make the audience laugh, cry, hurt for him. He's a fan favorite not just for his good looks but for his screen presence and ability to make the character live.

He's simply amazing. He's a good person and he's really funny. He really knows how to act!

He's the best actor ever, he's made us laugh, cry and fall in love with him. Supernatural is MADE by his and Jared's incredible acting.

Jensen Ackles gets more hotter and talented day by day..

Jensen is an amazing actor. He always manages to surprise me with the depth of his acting abilities. I am a huge fan of supernatural and on several occassions jensen has made me cry my heart out or laugh until my sides split.

Love Jensen. The best part of supernatural is just how expressive he is, and how talented he is.

Jensen is a wonderful actor! He shows emotions without saying a word. He makes you want to laugh cry scream Noo please no just from his eyes!

Jensen is perfect but he's very under appreciated. Let's get him recognized!

He is amazing, talented, funny, nice, respectfull. He knows how to pass emotions. He can do everything. Anyway, this the best actor I know. With my friends, we use to call him Perfection. He's maybe not perfect but he's close to!

Great actor watch one scene & you will know how magnificent actor he really is, it's a joy watching him act & can't wait to see him in more role