Joseph Vijay


This actor makes the people happy not only by his films. But also by his several social works and educating the poor children etc.

many people say he is only in the film industry because of his father... but you need a special talent to stay in the industry and do 50 movies in 18 years and most of them were super hits! :D more than that he got lots of fans in tamilnadu and Kerala. he risen to the no. 1 stand without any help of popular director... (unlike ajith kumar and others! )
his last 3 more were not really good but still his movies gets the best opening! and still got lots of die-hard fans!
which makes his the best of the best and he is a super dancer too!
he doesn't need to prove that he can act because he already proved it in his old movies (like tullada manammum thullum etc.. )
vijay is always no. 1! - sugith

his dance fight sequences are great very great no one can beat him a slight change he covers a crore amount of fans not only in tamil nadu also over the world no one can even touch him he must in first in greatest actor

Vijay is the only person to make entire people happy in cinema theaters

My thalapathy is king of kollywood... Jet speed dancer.. Cute expressions in songs.. Tremendous fighter... Casual acting for his all movies... He is a complete package.. Of acting, comedy, love, fight, feelings... After rajini and kamal.. He is the only hero having fans in all the age groups... Only one superstar tat is rajini... There is only one "thalapathy" tat is my vijay.. No one cannot became ilayapathy... Vijay rules...

His smile is so cute like baby, his dialogues inspiring every man from his child hood to old men. he is only man having fans from 6yrs child-60yrs old. As well as he is only person doing the social service activities& he wants his fans to do social service& support his fans to do that.

After kavalan there will not be any flops for vijay... Its very sure..
He has roped in shankar, a. R. Murugadoss, gowtham menon films...
Now he is selecting a very film...

The Man Of Mass is Only One Vijay. - moose4life19

he is man of mass in tamilnadu no one equal to him
vijqy is the next super star no doubt in that upcoming films like velayutham, nanben, pagalavan, and mani sir films wow wow thalapathy thalapathy thaan he is a wonder of tamilnadu


We are happy to see our Ilayathalapathy in this list. He is the real hero. One actor is said to be good hero only if he covers the CHILDREN. In that manner in the whole India itself next to Rajni Kanth at present its our Ilayathalapathy Vijay do his role perfectly to have more children fanz. If any one neglects this ask the nearby Children who is your favourite Actor? The Sudden reply will be Vijay. Also we have a lot of superb dancers in our tamil film industry but VIJAY is the only person who makes every one to see him next to LAWRANCE & PRABHU DEVA ( Both are dance masters but our hero is not a dance master but dancing Legend).

Ilayathalapathy Vijay, is still the man of the masses.
According to a recent survey done by a marketing agency, after Rajinikanth, Vijay's face has the biggest reach in Tamil Nadu.
The mega success of his Diwali releaseVelayudham proves beyond doubt that Vijay is a superstar, and has connectivity at the grass root level.
The film is a huge hit in TN and overseas and is still going strong at all releasing stations.

can't explain in words. Because simply he is a genius men. He is simply superb. VIJAY ROCKS. No one can beat our thalapathy.

He is one of the mass hero every fans loves him lot because of his helping tendency he doing many social welfare activities he spend 10 percent of his money for poor people, free computer studies, many students are studying freely by his help he is a good heart one not only in movie and also in the real life... Many anti vijay jerks groups are spoil his name but fans becomes show more love anti vijay groups makes increase the love about vijay in his fans heart

He is the very good actor in south India and very dancer.

Vijay is very cute and he is the best actor in world. Vijay always rocks I can challenge that he will be the best actor in this world all the best to my hero vijay

vijay king of kollywood, king of south indian dance - gillimani

VIJAY is the gift of tamil cinima... he may the rol model of all youths from tamilnadu... may be after velayutham, nanban(3-idiots remake) he should be in a universal hero...

Vijay the king of kollywood and he is the rocking star of Tamil industry..

vijay is the real mass and they will realise the king of mass in velayutham, our thalapathy is back to the box office from "kaavalan" and he also hunts from his forth coming flims velayutham, nanban, ponniyin selvan.

1st Actor in Indian Cinema to have such a huge fan followers @ such young age.. one of the Best dancer in Indian cinema.. He claims that he is just an average in acting.. but its so natural..

Vijay is an best acter in india
vijay rocks forever
future superstar
vijay is man of hero
more than 50 films in 19th year
he is an mass hero

Thalapathy the.. World cinema hero.. Thalapathy..
Biggest Indian cinema hero. Goes to world cinema quickly.. Doing welfare activity around world..

Vijay has the biggest fan following ever in India. Unlike other actors who have fans only in a particular section like youth fans or ladies fan, Vijay has fans in all age groups, all sections, groups, gender and class. People from 6 - 60 like him. His mass is simply colossal. And it keeps growing day by day. Vijay has the largest number of fan clubs for any actors in India. Vijay is not just a good actor, dancer, singer, he is a good human being who has engaged himself with a lot of social service activities in the name of his passed away sister Vidya. May god bless his lovely human being Vijay.

1994-ilayathalapathy vijay
1998-idaya thalapathy
2002-youth icon
2004-king of mass
2007-dr. ilayathalapathy vijay
? -super nayagan dr. ilayathalapathy vijay!