Leonardo Di Caprio

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I think he is the best male actor on this list. I have never seen anyone that can create such believability in a role. He can play the whole spectrum from melodramatic characters to action heroes and convince you that he is specifically that role. This guy starred in Titanic, Gangs of New York, Shutter Island, Inception, all amazing films. I have not seen all his movies, but I have yet to come across a movie he has sucked in. He nails every role he is in and it doesn't even look like he is trying; that tells me he is truly a one of a kind talent. He is a movie star, but he doesn't let that get to his head. He puts his acting first and foremost which is rare in Hollywood these days. - InhaleDeep

He has the greatest movie in film history (Titanic), I'm pretty sure. He has really great movies like, The Departed, Inception, Blood Diamond, Catch me if you can, The man in the iron mask, The Great Gatsby, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Beach, Shutter Island, J. Edgar, The Revenant, The Aviator, Django Unchained, and Revolutionary Road. Damn, I think I listed almost all of his movies. They're all great. Believe me, I have seen them all. He deserved more than just the 1 oscar he has. In Django Unchained, when he slams his hand on the table and broke the glass, he actually cut his hand. It wasn't in the script to cut his hand, it was fake blood, it was his real blood. If you watch it, you can see he keeps going with the scene. Pretty great, am I right? He get $25 million or more for every role he takes. He once made $5 million for a phone commercial in China. The bigger your name in the industry, the more you make. He did make $25 mill for The Wolf of Wall Street. Jonah Hill only made ...more

You must be joking, huh! Leonardo di caprio on 15th? He is one of the biggest actors in the industry now, see his performances in the inception, shutter island, e edgar, blood diamond, titanic, departed, whats eating gilbert grape and many many more... This guy deserves to be in top 3... My list would be, Robert de niro, johnny depp, leonardo di caprio, tom hanks, jack nicholson, tom cruise, harrison ford, al pacino, danziel washington and so on...

This guy has developed great. It's just his choice of movies. Sure, he chooses the best directors around. But if this guy wants an Oscar, he seriously gotta star in something that would be like "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" again. Cause he was only 19 (I think) when he made this movie, and it's still his best performance to date. In his movies, he sure as hell can pull emotions greatly. Maybe one of the best to do so. But he gotta do something "great" again. I gotta say: When Christoph Waltz won the Oscar for "Django Unchained" it made me angry. Leonardo DiCaprio should have been nominated for that movie (or Sam Jackson) and won. Cause that was one of the few times where he did something phenomenal again. He was great in The Wolf of Wall Street, but he was losing due to a pretty damn good competition that year. Also, him in "The Aviator" was great there too, but Jamie Foxx won rightfully that year. And you gotta look at the competition this year: Johnny Depp: "Black Mass"
Eddie ...more

Easily the most underrated actor in Hollywood today. In every role I've seen him in, he has owned the part completely and delivered a riveting performance that only can be measured against the best actors of all time. He gets into the characters he portrays so deeply that you really believe in that character, and you don't even necessarily see him as Leo at the time. Some actors can only play one style of character. Leo, on the other hand, creates a unique style for every character. He becomes that character. This is a rare gift, and he should be recognized for it. It pains me that he has yet to receive an Oscar.

no doubt that leonardo dicaprio acted the greatest movie ever (titanic), he could also be a super star in young age!. he was a hero when he was a young teenager, till now his movies hit the box office like inception and shutter island. he deserves to be number man according to his talents. who knows his next movie will be? it will be a hit and strong as usual

Leonardo DiCaprio is the most respected actor in the world! He is absolutely incredible at his work. Love all the films he's been in and cannot wait to see him again in The Great Gatsby (end of this year) VOTE VOTE VOTE Leonardo DiCaprio, to get him to number one! LOVE YOU LEO! Xx

Seriously he should be at least #3. Give it to the man people! Who can act as a sentimental guy without being stupid ( titanic). Him off course.

Who has never seen a thief so sexy in Catch me if you can? Hell yes I will catch him.

Not many can says they made me cried in movie, well this guy did it a billions times. I still can't get over titanic, Romeo and Juliet ( he is so damn fine ) and I cried a lot in Blood diamond. A bad boy in Wolf of wall street, I read the Great Gatsby because of him, he made django unchained a whole new level. Love Inception,Shutter island, The departed etc...

Damn gives the man some credit!

I like his every act his attitude and his body language. I personally appreciate that it would be the best actor of Hollywood he'd be top ten in my list of greatest actors of all time. Never fails to give a great performance, committed and dedicated to each role he's given, especially with his incredible change of accent in each movie he does.

Leonardo DiCaprio is the greatest actor of his generation. He has a remarkable talent and can play any role amazingly well. If I had to choose my favourite DiCaprio role, it would have to be either Howard Hughes in The Aviator, Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, or Jack Dawson in Titanic. Shocking that he hasn't won an Oscar yet, but I'm sure he will win for his fantastic portrayal of Hugh Glass in The Revenant because he absolutely deserves it.

My God, Leonardo at number 4? This man deserves first place! He is by far one of the greatest actors to have ever walked this planet. His performances are always genuine, always emotional, and always flawless. He does such an incredible job at forgetting who he is and completely consuming the role of his characters. His performance in The Revenant was likely the best he has ever done. - geddydaflea

Tom hanks used to be my favourite actor and then I watched "catch me if you can" and I was amazed because it was the first time I had ever seen someone else steal the show in a hanks film... since then I've been trying to watch as many DiCaprio movies as possible and I've seen some amazing acting performances... "the departed" comes to mind... that role was extremely difficult and he nailed it

How has he not got an Oscar?

Leo has been outstanding in so many great films, listing them would take up to much space.

Growing from a gifted young actor, to a powerhouse who's mere presence and subtly of looks, with outburst of energy that blow you away.

Better now than he has ever been. And still getting better.

I don't know why he never get an oscar, it's probably because of his bad luck. Take a look at each of the movies he's in: Inception, Titanic, Romeo & Juliet, Catch me if you can, Django Unchained and most importantly The Wolf of Wall Street. He did awesome in every roles and he 'never gives up' in movies. He is somewhat, one of the best actors you could ever find.

When I first saw "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" I didn't know who Leonardo Di Caprio was. I thought how hard it must have been getting a mentally handicapped kid to play the role with so many scenes. It never occurred to me the boy was really a super talented, mentally normal actor!

Leonardo is a great actor. He is always trying to do more complex and challenging role than the last one. Difference between him and other great actor with whom he is compared, Johnny Depp, is that Leo can pull of a non eccentric, "normal" role like in a "Revolutionary Road". - NikaP

Leonardo doesn't need an Oscar to tell him he's an brilliant actor. He is a very intelligent actor he makes great movies and a amazing person to work with. Not only does he contribute to the entertainment world but he also is a environmentalist and donates annually to worthy causes. He is a amazing person and actor.

Till date my greatest movie has been Catch me if you can. The story was brilliant, screenplay was great but the acting was super. Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hanks as lead characters was just too much. Leo acted the role of the adolescent criminal perfectly. Man in the Iron Mask was another movie Leo blew my mind... Guess he's the greatest

Leonardo is the best in pictures today! Anyone who thinks or says different is out of touch with the present. It's about who makes us believe in the film. Tom Hanks used to be that guy. Russel Crowe used to be that guy. Now its Leonardo! You Out of touch posers. Revisit your film!

YES YES YES YES YES Leonardo DiCaprio was AMAZING in Titanic, Outstanding in The Aviator, and Remarkable in Romeo & Juliet! I KNEW that he would be in this list somewhere because without a doubt, this man is my FAVORITE actor of all-time.

Leonardo Di Caprio is one of the greatest actors ever, he should be on top of the list. He has played so many roles which were brilliant, not just Titanic etc. but Revolutionary Road, Total Eclipse, What's eating Gilbert Grate, his performance in these movies remains unmatched.

Of course old schoolers will say De Niro and others Johnny Depp (and they are right up there with the best no doubt) but they lack the versatility of Di Caprio and Hanks. And for me, between these latter two, Di Caprio has a greater intensity in his acting...and not unnaturally so. He is versatile from Romance (Titanic; Romeo & Juliet; Revolutionary Road); Action (blood diamond [I'm a white South African and I have not heard another foreign actor get our accent as he did in this movie];body of lies); fun (Wolf of Wallstreet); Intense (The departed; Inception; The Revenant); and biographical (J Edgar; The Aviator; Wolf of Wall Street; Catch me if you can). And on that last note to be able to act in so many biographical movies and nail it is testimony to a brilliant actor as their is a higher level of criticism with real individuals being impersonated. I have not even mentioned other notable and hugely entertaining movies (admittedly not Oscar status acting but nevertheless still great ...more

A lots of the best movies that I've ever seen has included him. When I'm already sure that nothing can surprise me, Leo is there. I have been never disappointed of his movie I'm sure you and I will keep enjoying of movies

Immensely talented at acting! He goes all out on every film, and always portrays a convincing character. Even in his earlier years, he acted so well that he convinced people that he was mentally disabled with his performance in What's Eating Gilbert Grape!

Incredible actor, he is so diverse and has come along way from his younger days like from being in Titanic to his most recent ones, Shutter Island and the best one The Departed!