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In 1989 a black man drove Miss Daisy to the store. In 2004 that same black man played God. That man was Morgan Freeman, and he will forever be the greatest actor of all time. He has worked his butt off to get to where he is today. He literally started from the bottom, and now he's here. Our Father who art Morgan Freeman, hallowed be thy name.

I understand Johnny depp in the top 5 but what the hell is shah rukh khan doing at 2nd? There are way better Bollywood actors than him, and I thought it was supposed to be greatest actor not biggest star. And Indian or not, the greatest actor has to be Morgan Freeman. Because I don't see him in his movies I see his character.

How is our Lord and Saviour, Morgan Freeman, at number 11?! The man probably has the most epic voice since... Forever... Not to mention he immediately steals the show in any movie he's in, plus he can act so many different characters and still be amazing in every single one!

Another example of popularity votes rather than genuine talent getting votes.

The man is epic. Every portrayal has enveloped you in the character and you really relate. And playing a god with a sense of humour... Enough said...

No I think Morgan Freeman should be second. He has skill and sensitivity to work. He is never late and is always happy. If you think about his background, he has come along way.

Love Morgan Freeman such a great actor and never in it when all the mediocre black actors cry about not getting roles.. That's because they are not Morgan Freeman quality actors... Stop crying and go back to acting school..

I honestly just think that the vast majority voted for Johnny Depp was because they did not take the time to scroll down and find Morgan Freeman. Move him up before I turn off the internet.

How does this guy not beat Tom Hanks?! You guys are crazy just go back and watch both of these guys in comparison to one another... not trying to hate on Tom too much but come on people you crazy!

Everything that Morgan Freeman does is amazing. He's never been bad in any role. From The Shawshank Redemption to The Dark Knight, from Unforgiven to Glory, Morgan Freeman always makes a great movie greater. - Ant-Fan

Morgan freeman is truly a legend also, a very great superb actor, I know I didn't see much of his movies, some of driving miss daisy, some shawshank redemption, wanted, bruce almighty

Every time I see him in a movie, I just keep on looking at his eyes. They have such a serene and warm glow that is inescapable. His acting in 'The Shawshank Redemption' was fabulous.

Lean on me, my old man's favorite of his, batman dark knights, no way in hell yall can't tell me he not one of the greatest, he top 5 one of the greatest of all times and I do mean all times and there are a lot of great actors out there but no matter what he still top 5 remember the name BIG LOS I'm gone comment on every actor I think and know is great, I'm not gone comment here I'm gone comment under there pictures I'm gone put my name BIG LOS legendary actors then meantion the movies they kick ass in.

He's the best actor in all the movies I watched. He also has a calm voice. Everyone has at least said, " I'm Morgan Freeman" once in their lives.

His Is a Legendary Actor Love his Acting He Make any of his Character Look Great He is The Greatest of All Time

I really liked this website and found it to be trustworthy, but the fact that Morgan Freeman is not in the top 5 is just too sad. Please watch The Shawshank Redemption.

He most be on place 1 2 3 4 or 5, not on place 11. I mean common he plays in the best movie of all time' the Shaw shank Redemption'. I can call another example, but you now am right.

Any movie... Even those who have no redeeming qualities... Are better with him. He is equal part leading man & character actor. No one else like him. He's iconic

He's a actor etc. His calm and gripping acting styles are the best in Hollywood. When you watch a morgan freeman film there's no way you could turn it off.

How is he not higher than will smith

When your reading these, you read them in his voice, don't you

He's the most dynamic and full of potential actor that completes acting in every diverse angle. He is one of a kind. Truly remarkable

One of the most charismatic actors ever. I'm willing to watch any movie that he plays in, even if it's horrible.

The best actor in the world by far, I doubt there will be another one like him in my lifetime and I am only in my 20's. This guy is a legend!

I cannot believe this. Ever heard of shawshank redemption? He has been in dozens of films and most have them have been outstanding, he is a household name and truly I just can't believe he is so low johnny dep, he is I think 5th worst actor on another poll :L. Please vote for this guy

Morgan freeman is the biggest black actor ever, from shawshank redemption to his great voice, he has everything in his house