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421 Charles Bronson Charles Bronson Charles Bronson was an American film and television actor. He is well known for his role as Paul Kersey is the Death Wish action movie franchise (1974-1994).

He is most definitely my favorite actor. He is awesome in The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, Once Upon a Time in the West, and The Dirty Dozen. He is No. 1 on my favorite actors, No. 1 on my favorite people, and No. 1 on people I wish were still alive.

Charly was the best Death wish movies, the Dirty Dozen, several top westerans, to many drama and high action acting. Most of all he proved you didn't have to be a pretty boy in order to make it in professional acting.

One of the best actors ever. Tough, gritty, heroic. Joe, NC

422 Vincent Cassel

Underrated French actor. Known mainly for his role in the American film, Black Swan. Black Swan was fine and dandy, but its nothing like his other films. If you wanna watch something dark, disturbing and emotionally challenging, watch a foreign Vincent Cassel film.

So agree with previous poster. Vincent Cassel. Edgy. Sexy. Can be so mean, convincingly. - babydoll

The Cassel good play to film purple rivers, police detectiv Max Kerker do to opponent killer. Opponent he and she is werry intellect. Max is master fight, good kicking and style.

423 Roy Dupuis Roy Dupuis Roy Dupuis is an actor from Quebec, Canada, known for his lead role as Michael in 'La Femme Nikita' T.V. series, partnering with Peta Wilson (as Nikita).

Great actor. The rare quality. Should be on the top of that list along with Orlando Bloom. -

424 Eric Bana Eric Bana Eric Bana is an Australian actor and comedian. He began his career in the sketch comedy series Full Frontal before gaining critical recognition in the biographical crime film Chopper.

He played the role of Nero in Star Trek 2009.

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425 Uttam Kumar

He is my god. He is so very classic and elegant. Uncomparable in acting.

The greatest star of bengali cinema
Once the Legendary director Satyajit Ray said that "if you don't do "Nayak"(the hero) I will never make the film"

The legend of tollywood and world cinema. tributes from = soubhagya roy bhwmick from India

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426 Choi Siwon Choi Siwon
427 Orson Welles Orson Welles George Orson Welles was an American actor, director, writer, and producer who worked in theatre, radio, and film.

Ok, you obviously have never watched Orson Wells...

This guy is very underrated. Best actor for the time.

He did the voice for unicron for the Transformers in 1982 and he is 131

428 Upendra Rao
429 Joseph Morgan Joseph Morgan Joseph Morgan is an English actor and director. He is best known for his role as Klaus Mikaelson in The CW show The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off The Originals.

Joseph Morgan is the best actor of all time, honestly. He's SO underrated, to the point where it physically hurts me.

430 Song Kang-Ho Song Kang-Ho

The man is incredible! So much range in every role! From a depressed businessman to a sympathetic fast food vendor to a sneaky bandit, Kang-ho can play just about anyone.

431 Lin-Manuel Miranda Lin-Manuel Miranda Lin-Manuel Miranda is an American composer, lyricist, playwright, and actor best known for creating and starring in the Broadway musicals Hamilton and In the Heights.

I know you guys are thinking about actors in movies and whatnot, but there are also amazing actors out there in theatre that deserve to be on this list, suck as Lin Manuel-Miranda. He wrote the play Hamilton, and took on the main role of Alexander Hamilton. The play is so popular, it's about $1,500 for a seat where you can see half of the stage. It's all sold out, back and back and back. If you want to see Hamilton, you have to be wealthy and very ready to pounce on a ticket availability. Well, I guess you can see Hamilton in 2020. (Written in 2016)

Lin Manuel is the King of Theater, and Hamilton effected the world. Should be on the top 5

Hamilton was amazing!


432 James Norton James Norton James Geoffrey Ian Norton is an English actor best known for playing Reverend Sydney Chambers in the ITV period crime series Grantchester and Prince Andrei Bolkonsky in the 2016 BBC mini series adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's novel War and Peace.
433 Dingdong Dantes Dingdong Dantes Dingdong Dantes is a Filipino actor, television presenter, commercial model and film producer. Dantes is currently working as an exclusive talent of GMA Network, also the Chairman of the YesPinoy Foundationand manages his own film studio named AgostoDos Pictures.
434 Matthew Fox V 1 Comment
435 Helmut Berger
436 Ed Helms Ed Helms Edward Parker Helms is an American actor, comedian, and singer. He is known for his work as a correspondent on The Daily Show as well as playing Andy Bernard in the U.S. version of The Office.
437 Casey Affleck

Why so low? His performances in Manchester by the Sea and Gone Baby Gone are fantastic.

438 Stephen Amell Stephen Amell Stephen Adam Amell is a Canadian actor. He is best known for portraying Oliver Queen / Green Arrow in the Arrowverse television franchise and Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

He is the best especially as green arrow - Zippinator

Guys he is awesome please vote for him and the new arrow episode is today

439 Pete Postlethwaite Pete Postlethwaite

Finally! He's on the list! Sure, he starred in some pretty mediocre films, but he has been in some good films like inception & the Usual Suspects and he is a very terrific actor.

Wow is the best

440 Gloria Swanson Gloria Swanson Gloria May Josephine Swanson (March 27, 1899 – April 4, 1983) was an American actress and producer best known for her role as Norma Desmond, a reclusive silent film star, in the critically acclaimed 1950 film Sunset Boulevard. more.
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