Robert Downey Jr.

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Robert John Downey Jr. is an American actor. His career has included critical and popular success in his youth, followed by a period of substance abuse and legal troubles, and a resurgence of commercial success in middle age.


Robert Downey Jr. The only person who just might be able to go toe to toe with him on his finest day may just be Johnny Depp but hey, this dude deserves to be up there! Better than a ton of actors up there. His work in Iron Man as Tony Stark actually got me thinking whether he secretly was Tony Stark. Just that good. Perfect for any role he does. And the way he played Chaplin, mind-blowing! Do I even need to mention Tropic Thunder? And my oh my, Sherlock Holmes. He was a true British there for crying out loud! Diverse, awesome, sassy, confident, what's not to like? And to top it all off, this guy started his career at the age of 5! The best. Simply, the best.

I watched tropic thunder 3 times before I realized that Kirk wasn't actually a black guy! He is so convincing at every role he plays! He is tony stark, at heart. But then again, he could convince me that he was anyone, he is just such an amazing actor.

Robert Downey Jr's role in The three iron man movies is some of the greatest acting I've ever seen it is such an odd and complex role as it goes against the rule that a superheroes Identity should be hidden in my opinion he should definitely Be in the top 15 if not the top 10 greatest actors

He is one of the most natural actors I've ever seen on film. Every character he does he portrays brilliantly. Truly an actor who could play any character he wants and no matter what it is, he would still own it. He owns Tony Stark and I cannot see any other actor playing the Armoured Avenger better than he does! - Suspect

He just brings life into whatever role he plays. Come on guys, he's better than Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp and all of them on the top of the list. He's THE BEST ACTOR out there. Watch Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man. You'll become his fan. - arsricharan1999

Love RDJ! He is the best! The man has class in his acting. The way he delivers his dialogues, he improvises them, that's where he stands. His body language, attitude, expressions, everything works together all in one phase when he is doing a scene. He may not be that well known and may not have acted that many movies but I dare say he is best at what he does. You can never get bored with his acting. His performance level is par excellence.

He is really and truly a phenomenon... His acting seems to be very natural and he can bring life to the most boring and extremely difficult roles

Robert Downey Jr. Is a complete inspiration for me, and many young actors I know today. Without him, I would never be where I am today.

Restoration. Less Than Zero. The Pick-Up Artist. Tropic Thunder. Air America. Only You. In little films or blockbusters, he plays every role to the hilt and gives every performance wit, intelligence & charisma, heart & soul.

Why Robert Downey JR is just the 28th? I love him and his films like Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man.

I like how Robert Downey, Jr. Always plays his parts well, in whatever movie he is in. I really like Sherlock Holmes, The Avengers, and Iron Man.

Wonderfully diverse performer who can turn his hand to anything, Acting singing/piano. Plus a total goofball.

He is awesome in all of his movies. Chaplin, Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes series, Avengers

Robert Downey Jr. Should be somewhere at the too of the list! This man is amazing and he literally gives you the sense that he actually is that person. Take every single Iron Man movie for example

I have no words to explain about this man...I think he is one of the most hottest actor I have ever seen. I love all the characters he played but my favorite is Tony Stark...

Iron man, Iron man2, Due date, sherlock holmes series, the avengers and he has a great future

No one can deliver lines better. Can anyone engage in dialogue and keep your attention like him, absolutely not. Comedy, drama, action, he can do it all. He is Iron Man.

Ill say, he's an amazing actor. Naturally born with the talent! My favorite parts he's acted, well I have more than three, like five, but I will share my top three. The part that earned third place is Tony Stark from The Avengers released in 2012. Second place is Iron Man from Iron Man released in 2008. And first place is... Iron Man (a.K.A. tony Stark ) from The Avengers 2 : Age Of Ultron. And just an FYI I am aware these three were all the same part. But I must add that they are from different movies. I don't care about appearance more than acting, but I must admit he's pretty cute. And if anybody replaces him ( that wont happen I hope ) I will start a group against the person who replaced him. Unless he's better which I seriously doubt. I agree with all of you fans. GO ROBERT DOWNY JR!
- Grace C

RDJ plays every role with ease and finesse. He is exceptional and makes the other actors he works with look even better. When he is in any scene he steals the scene even if he has no dialogue. It doesn't hurt is has more sex appeal in his little finger than most men in their whole body.

I can't tell you how big fan I am of Robert Downey Jr. He has changed my life. He has gave me an Aim of my life. He has got everything that any actor should have, and also he has more than that.

Ok. How the HECK is Robert Downey Jr not higher? I mean come on people you give the man any role and he'll make you really believe he's that character. For example a black guy in Tropic Thunder! How heck did he manage to make that believable?!?! I didn't even recognize him (at first) in that! You see what I mean?

I am a "late" fan. For me Robert is the best actor of all times. I have looked almost ALL his films. He "acts" not only - he is the Person he plays! He is a man with so many: Seriousness, sensitivity, also Humor, a healthy sarcasm and self-irony. For me he is the number 1 in this world.

He is the best actor I have ever seen in my whole life he is the best of the best and I want to see his new film Iron man 3 he is #1

He is a guy on which any role suits and he does perfectly. he's the most versatile actor ever been seen in Hollywood or even Bollywood

! 109. HAve you even seen Iron man, Iron man two and the avengers. He is just a great actor and you better vote people.