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Thomas William Hiddleston is an English actor. He is best known for his role as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, appearing in Thor, The Avengers, and Thor: The Dark World.


He is a man with a heart, a gentleman with exceptional mannerisms and grace. He takes his roles seriously with his heart and soul, puts himself into the character's shoes. He is an amazing actor, and he never doubted himself and his ability to make the whole world love him. - cindyrellaaviciouzz

PEOPLE! LISTEN UP! PLEASE! I know you're here to vote for favorite actor, and I have no doubt that they're an amazing actor, it's just that, shouldn't we vote for the rising stars? Such as Mr. Hiddleston? I'm not speaking as a Hiddlestoner right now, I'm speaking as someone who has been inspired by this man's commitment, passion, and hard-work for acting. When I saw Mr. Depp as #1, the old me would've gone crazy and wouldn't even bother scanning for other actors I like. Mr. Depp is an amazing actor, I can assure you that, but Mr. Hiddleston has inspired me 100x more than Mr. Depp ever has. If only you could interview my friends... You'd see what I mean.

Tom is an amazingly talented actor. He brings out the most delicate and human sides of any character he plays. He's made Loki a charming villain, Prince Hal a mischievous and noble prince, Captain Nicholls a heartbreaking figure, not to mention all the other roles he has played. Tom is also an incredible person, always striving to see the best in everyone.

This man needs to be number one. He is outstanding, passionate, hilarious, charming, polite, humble, modest, intelligent, and not to forget, sexy. He gets lost in character and makes you believe he is that character. His performances are so amazing they make me cry. He is also a singer, dancer, a piano player, and is very into Shakespeare. He can recite ShakespeR. Its astonishing! He can embrace characters as if they were long lost friends. He's heartbreaking in Thor. He is always polite and honest to his fans. He is just... Amazing. Anyways my point is, Tom Hiddleston NEEDS to be number one. He deserves it.

There are no words for Tom's acting, it always leaves me speechless. It's just so powerful and real that you get drawn in and never want it to stop. Especially with his take on Henry V. It's hard for me to completely understand Shakespeare's wording sometimes, so I can easily get confused, but that didn't stop his performance from blowing me away. He puts so much care, emotion and dedication into all his roles, and I'm always left stunned by his performance. You'll never be disappointed after watching one of his movies. They never fail to leave me awe-struck. And don't get me started on what an amazing person he is. And an inspiration to many.

I didn't vote him because he is handsome and sexy, that he is, but I vote him because he has been one of the best performances I've ever seen. He's a real actor, not a handsome commercial toy, like a lot of guys that they are always contracted to do the same performance, you can feel Tom's performance, you can watch him in very different movies, and you can feel "these feelings" that he represents that feels in the movie. I hope that he'll never fall into drugs or something like that 'because he's really a good actor. I hope meet him once in the future, 'cause he's really good.

He's a really great actor, I've seen almost all movies in which he appears and I must say he can do anything. I've seen him change from a role to an absolutely different one and still be amazing. Not to mention Prince Hal on The Hollow Crown and Loki on Thor/Avengers. Although he's still humble enough to say he doesn't deserve his fame and fans. He should be number 1.

This man is the complete package. Not only is he sophisticated, well-educated, and a complete knock-out, but he's also sensitive, kind, and completely wonderful towards his fans. He brings something new to the table in every role he takes on, from Bill in Suburban Shootout to Loki in Avengers to Prince Hal in Henry IV. Tom Hiddleston is professional and yet totally down to earth. I have so much love and respect for him, and firmly believe he is one of the greatest actors ever to grace this earth.

Amazing how he can actively play a hilarious comedic teenager in Suburban Shootout, turn a evil character into a misunderstood one, and easily simplify a Shakespearean drama such as Henry the 5th and display his love and depth in each one. He IS truly amazing but there is some part of me that pulls me closer towards Johnny Depp as one of the best actors as he similarly has done dramas and comedy. And I believe every moment of his character's words, actions, movements. However, Hiddleston definitely has taken and exploded my ovaries enough times since Thor and truly is better looking than Johnny Depp in his prime. Words cannot express how much Tom Hiddleston means to me however props to Johnny for being a close 2nd.

From Loki to King Henry V to Steve, Tom Hiddleston is true to each character. He is an amazing actor, intelligent, funny, sweet, adorable, and kind to his fans.

How is Tom #20?! He should be the first one! He is a great actor! He's always so into his character! Every time you watch his interviews, he describes his character and sometimes it seems as if the character was actually there. Did I mention his impressions are priceless! He is a very down to earth guy. He has a great sense of humor and he is such a gentleman and so polite. His acting in The Deep Blue Sea, Avengers, Thor, War Horse, and Suburban Shootout was fantastic! (And he was great in other films as well. ) AND DID I MENTION HE IS UNCONTROLLABLY HANDSOME!?

Perfect is an understatement for a man this brilliant, talented, well-educated, funny and (insert your own adjective here.. He is able to bring out the other side of each character he plays. Have you seen him as loki? Never have I loved a villain this much. Have you seen him recite shakespeare? Have you seen the way he profoundly answers questions in an interview then in a split-second turns into a lovable dork? Everything this man does.. On and off cam will make you love him even more

One of the most honest, loyal, kind, caring, lovable, charming, etc the list can go on and on. What makes him to be a great actor is his love of shakespeare and films of his idols. Not all of the actors in this list can top, Tom's credentials of his works. Its clear to see the wonderful work he puts in this job, of portraying a character's personal deep feelings, individuality, and importantly the personality. Each character he portrays, shows the audience different sides of what Tom can do. Honestly, I could write a full essay on Tom! LMAO

Tom Hiddleston is a great actor because he is extremely versatile. His most notable role thus far in the eyes of the public has been his portrayal of Loki in Thor and The Avengers, but he has also taken up leading roles in Shakespearean plays and adaptations, television series, and starred in other exceptional films like War Horse by the great Steven Spielberg. On top of all these qualities, he has charm, charisma, and sex appeal. He is well spoken and absolutely mesmerizing to listen to. Essentially, he is not only an enthralling actor, but a lovely person as well.

I think this is definitely his year, or maybe last year and this year! He certainly impressed me in the Avengers, which prompted me to watch Thor and then seek out other things he has done. However, I would really love to see him in live theatre rather than film or television as that, to me, would seem to be the best place to really showcase his talents (especially after having watched "The Hollow Crown". I am lucky enough to have watched the rise of Kenneth Branagh (same age! ) and Alan Rickman and I reckon Tom is in line with these two in terms of sheer talent and versatility. Plus, by all accounts he has the personality and charm to go with it.

Tom Hiddleston is a magnificent actor. He plays every role to perfection -- you can actually see different characters in all the films he is in. Prince Hal in The Hollow Crown is wholly different from Loki, and Oakley in Unrelated doesn't bear very much semblance to Captain Nicholls in War Horse at all. The diversity of characters that he can play is testimony to his immense talent. This man deserves to be higher on this list.

More than the characters that he have played and portrayed, I think he is fabulous in treating his fans. His acting skills are undeniably top-notch, if the scene of Loki and Odin in the treasure vault of Asgard was anything to go by, but I do not think that that is all it takes to be a great actor.

What if that person had great acting abilities, superb even, but have a really lousy attitude? What then?

Well, safe to say that Tom Hiddleston is not only great with the acting, but is also really polite, friendly, considerate, thoughtful... And the list go on.

Hence, my opinion is, why NOT Tom Hiddleston?

Look. There are some great actors out there. Tom Hiddleston is an absolutely amazing actor, and an amazing person. I think that's what makes him stand out so much. He has every factor that an audience looks for. Fantastic talent, humor, dramatic appeal, and of course, beyond comprehension good looks. He can play an character, any role, and make it so believable, you feel like you have actually seen his character as a real person. He is beautiful in every aspect of his acting ability and personality. He is in my book, completely number 1.

He's a perfect actor, a charming man, he's handsome, a gentleman, his voice is sexy, his eyes are so deep, he speaks Spanish, a little Italian and French, also he's learning Russian, he dances, he plays piano and guitar, his impressions are the best... He's just perfect! Every time that he performs everything he does excellent! I mean, when he performs as Freddie Page in The Deep Blue Sea it was brilliant! And what can I say about Loki in Thor and The Avengers, the best acting ever! Please.. Vote for Tom! ♥

He has this certain aura around him where in he is able to more than successfully deliver - he is able to exceed the limits and expectations that people place upon him. In my opinion, in all the roles he has ever taken on, he did so. He did so most brilliantly and elegantly. He is very realistic and I have yet to see a part of him that didn't show just how real he, and the characters he has made and become, are.

Talent, intelligence, manners, and oodles of charisma. He's a lovely human being inside and obviously, outside. He's managed to steal scenes in every movie/show I've seen with him in it; be he a morally ambiguous "evil" god with daddy issues, to a spoiled 18 year old boy, or even a British warrior-king. Tom Hiddleston is not JUST a pretty face, I look forward to following his career for years to come. Now all he needs is an OSCAR!

Brilliantly talented, can bring an immense mix of emotions and depth to any character he plays, when he's on screen he demands your attention, going to be one of the greats, watch this space!

This man is one of the greatest with his kind words and personality. Everything in life he can somehow relate to Shakespeare, is a die-hard romantic, and is dedicated to his work just so that he always has quality work for his fans to appreciate. He made a villain on of the most loved characters in a movie, is British, and his laugh can brighten anyone's day just from his silliness.

He is the most amazing actor ever! The way he plays Loki in Thor and the Avengers is beautiful. He read the comics to act even better and I seriously can't describe how amazing Tom is. The fandom would understand my lack of words for how amazing he is.

He is lovely, amazing and wonderful. He brings his characters to life. I really don't know why he is in the 77 position, because he deserves more. He deserves recognition. Tom, you're the best actor I've ever seen.